Yay! Bikes!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

For a change, D.C. happens to be at the forefront of a new trend: shared bike systems. (Well, sort of. Uh, 120 communal bikes for the whole city? Doesn't that seem a bit… low?) Still, I happened to be in Paris soon after they launched the Velib system last year, and it just seemed like such a cool idea (not to mention something Parisians were completely proud of).

Truthfully, I have some serious desires for a bright pink bike of my very own (with a Carrie basket, natch) to ride around the city this summer, but if that falls through, then SmartBike DC seems like a good backup plan.

In any case, I'm definitely aspiring to Sartorialist-worthy bike style.


Anonymous said...

So funny - I just did a post about biking and biking style on Friday. But, didn't know about the smartbikes. How cool.

Anonymous said...

you have to check it out! :)

Ms. Spinach said...

oh, so cute! i really need to find me a great cruiser, and stat.

Anonymous said...

that is indeed a great photo!
i love riding bikes... it's my favorite thing to do... but usually i wear a geeky helmet.

Anonymous said...

i think might be of interest to you then! i was just looking at bicycles a day or two ago.. then i was thinking about all the routes that i'd have to research to get from A to B ): but oh, those people look so awesome propped onto a pretty bike and a small cute basket!

Stacy said...

I've never even heard of shared bike systems. I wish seattle had one.

Anonymous said...

anyone know good bike makers? my sister is saving up for a jorg and olif bike but i'm wondering if anyone knows where the girl pictured got her bike.

The Fancier said...

Just wanted to let you know I linked this post. It seems we're all thinking about bikes lately!

Anonymous said...

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