This post is not about shoes.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Though I was certainly thinking a lot about these gorgeous Dries-like Nine West canvas lace-ups after Fops and Dandies posted about them yesterday.

But then, via Holly, I read this incredibly heartbreaking story of a DC-area couple and their adorable little daughter who was just diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. I know stories like these are way too common, that so many people face enormous personal and financial challenges in their lives every day. I am incredibly lucky that, right now, my challenges include whether or not I could fit some very pretty new shoes into my closet.

So today, no shoes. Instead, I made a donation to this little family, who look so happy and hopeful, even as they hold their little girl in the hospital. If you can, read the piece. You don't have to donate, but maybe at least we can all send happy, hopeful thoughts their way. Every little bit helps.

{update} Omg, did you know that nearly $25,000 has been raised so far for Emily and her parents? I was so busy this week I just got around to checking for updates, and when I saw the news, I was so touched, I started to bawl. Let's hope it can help them.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for making me aware of the situation these people face. I hope they'll get through it together and that they all go on to live a full and happy lives.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to them. Thanks for the post.

Ellyn said...

Great post...and lovely blog. I'm a MD/DC native out here in California and you bring a piece of home to me every day. Thanks!

Caroline said...

such a wonderful, refreshing post. i think i might just have to go and donate. thank you!

Anonymous said...

heya b
thanks for the lead. they're so brave to keep on smiling and she's a sweetheart too. beautiful family. had to donate...hope she heals soon. allykat

Anonymous said...

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