Cramming in as much as possible

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not to worry, this stretch o' crazy-busyness is *almost* over! And as a reward for your patience, we are cooking up some fun and fashiony things for the site. {Including! As of about 4pm later today, our building handyman is coming to hang the dining room ceiling light, which means the apartment will *finally* be about done, which means you will get a tour! Um, just as soon as I clean it, anyway.} Be back soon…

P.S.) This lovely photo is via Happy Mundane. It is also a pretty good visual representation of both my closet and my calendar these days: Lots of good stuff, but very, very full.


onyx feather said...
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onyx feather said...

Love this Happy Mundane picture!
The color scheme is breathtaking in a really simple way.

I tried posting a comment last week, but the site wouldn't let me!

It was a pleasure meeting you! You are so warm, engaging, and amusing in person!


Anonymous said...

I love the light and the objects in this photo.

scout said...

i LOVE pics like this, but im afraid to try and pull this off myself for fears of the amount of dust it would collect =[

Elizabeth said...

I love this photo.

1234 said...

beautiful photo!

Joanna Goddard said...

love this photo. good luck w/all your house stuff.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful collection of bottles, so pretty! Looking forward to a house tour :)

Susielrb said...


I was just reading posts below, and I too super love New York Minute! The best bit is when they run past the dad from Full House and he looks like he's all thinking he's seen them from somewhere! Cinema Gold!

Luxe. said...

Oh that picture is gorgeous! Added you to my blog roll!

Anonymous said...

Gorrrrrrrrrrgeous photo, love the colours. The problem is you'd have to dust it all the time to get it to stay looking nice!!

Anonymous said...

i love these adorable little bottles. too cute.

Anonymous said...

Toooooooo long between posts!

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