In which I finally get my tulle

Monday, April 28, 2008

I know I've been pimping my new string of style pieces, but really, I just think you'd like them! Like today's round-up of Bethesda's best secondhand/vintage/thrift stores (complete with synopsis of what I bought during my reporting excursions. Like this faaabulous vintage tulle skirt! I'm thinking of chopping off about 10 inches to make it more Agyness-ified. Thoughts?)

Incidentally, my awesome new "These Pancakes Don't Run" t-shirt is from local D.C. company T-shirt Insurgency. They set up shop every weekend in front of the equally awesome Capitol Hill Books (just steps from Eastern Market) and also sell their highly irreverent, somewhat political, very funny designs online. Plus: purple!


Anonymous said...

deffinitely chop!
love the look though, just think it would look a bit better if the skirt were shorter.

Pamcasso said...

go for it! I'd go knee length!

Righteous (re)Style said...

I think it might be fun if you dip-dyed it for that ombre effect that is SOOOOO hot right now. Darker at the bottom? But def. shorter.

Anonymous said...

cute! love the colour. 10 inches sounds about right. show us how it looks after the cut!

Johanna said...

oh Betsy, you must cut and pair with any one of your great LBDs underneath - I see it with the pleated one you wore a few weeks back. Just perfectly precious, really.

p.s. congrats on the Washingtonian gig!

I ♥ You said...

that skirt is positively divine! what a great find! Agyness would approve!

Anonymous said...

yes mos def chop it off - that would look awesome

Anonymous said...

I personally love the length but you can never go wrong with tulle.

WendyB said...


miss milki said...

Its gorgeous! I'd be so scared to chop it but I think you're'd definately get more wear out of it if it was just below kneelength.

Ms. Spinach said...

Thanks, y'all! It feels a bit wedding-y at its current length (plus, I don't know if you can tell, but the hem is oddly uneven). So, a-chopping we will go! Stay tuned for the result.

L said...

If the waist is elasticized, I would suggest pulling it up into a "skress" and belting it with an oversized belt, if you want to try that Christian Siriano look...

It seems a shame to chop off so much though.. If you do, make sure to use all that excess fabric for another DIY project!

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christie said...

I am absolutely GREEN WITH ENVY! The skirt is to die for and Ive been searching for something like that for EVER! GRRRR... Its beautiful xx