The web is smaller than you think. Also: Capes!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little while ago, I'd stumbled across a pic of this gorgeous Blanc de Chine high-necked pleated capelet from their recent F/W collection and instantly fell in love with it. It popped back into my head when I saw the outpouring of love over my own recent cape-wearing escapades (thank you!) and decided to see if I could track it down. Which led me to this very nice Fashiontribes post on Blanc de Chine and their recent Chinese influences. I was so distracted by the pretty cape photo, it took me a few minutes to realize they'd sourced some China photos for the post, and that some of those photos came from my photo blog (I don't mind; they gave me credit!). Small online world, isn't it?

Anyway, we digress. Capes (and capelets) = extreme love in these parts. Fingers crossed that I stumble upon this one on insane clearance somewhere.


Sharon said...

That cape is stunning. I hope I find it in an 80% off bin somewhere, too! Thanks for introducing me to such lovely stuff.

miznyc said...

oh that is BEYOND.

Anna Pope said...

That cape in the photo is GORGEOUS, wow!

Elizabeth said...

It's a beautiful cape. Congratulations on being sourced!

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