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Monday, March 10, 2008

This has been a loooooong time coming, but there's a good back story, and it goes something like this: Several months ago, shortly before I left Singapore, I got a call from Bina, the lovely co-proprietor behind the fabulous Singapore bag and accessories shop Quintessential {now in a new Pacific Plaza location}. I stopped by there often -- both to drool and to check out their constant influx of cool new pieces for work purposes -- and it was there (if you remember) that I had first discovered fab San Francisco artist/designer Liz Saintsing, who creates instantly covetable, one-of-a-kind accessories by silkscreening gorgeously eye-catching graphics onto vintage bags, gloves and other finds.

Well, Bina had remembered my love for Liz and had managed to procure me an *amazing* pair of Liz's signature silk-screened vintage evening gloves, direct from the designer herself. I was absolutely floored. They are just perfect, a lightweight long glove in classic white with bold turquoise and red ostrich images printed on them. (One glove has a tiny, perfect blue chick on the inside arm as well.) They are also, completely and utterly heartbreakingly, too small for my big ole hands. I hemmed and hawed over what to do about that—just display them on my vanity? [er, if I owned a vanity?]; start hand exercises in hopes of one day squeezing into the gloves? -- but eventually, I realized that things as beautiful as these deserve to be worn, and -- with Liz's blessing -- have decided to offer them to one of you.

Now, we didn't want to have a contest limited to only small-handed people, so we're throwing in a second item so those of you with large hands like us have the chance to win something too. It's this lovely little vintage box purse with a translucent resin handle -- the perfect, 60s-Jackie O.-style cocktail party accessory. We unearthed it during one of our vintage excursions and would love to see it go to a good, retro-loving home.**

Okay, here is the most important part:
To enter the contest, you must:
(1.) Choose if you would like to be entered for the gloves or the bag. It's a difficult choice, I know, but go with your gut (and take into account the size of your hands. If I had to guess, I'd say the gloves were a medium.)
(2.) Tell us where/how you would wear the bag or the gloves. Be creative! (Although, if you're not feeling particularly creative, don't sweat it too much. We're not judging you on innovation; we'll actually just pick a name out of a hat.) This is purely for all our reading pleasure, but we'd also like to be sure they are going to a worthy home.
(3.) Tell us your name, age, and location. We're opening this up to international readers, and we will do our best to send the winning items to wherever you may be in the world. Unless you live somewhere like Zimbabwe, which might be prohibitively expensive, but I'm sure we'll work something out.
(4.) Sit back and wait and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!

Here is a sample entry of our own, just so we're clear:
"Gloves, please.
I can't imagine anything more perfect that pairing these gloves with an Audrey-esque LBD, ropes and ropes of pearls, tiny black heels and a little pillbox hat and heading for proper cocktails at somewhere fabulously aged and retro, like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore or the Mayflower in D.C. Naturally, I'd call everyone "lovey" and "dear" and "jeeves" and order plenty of extra olives with my very dirty vodka martini.
Betsy, 30, Washington, D.C."

Clear enough? It would be great if you could leave your entry in the comments – I know we'd all love to see! – or, if you'd prefer, by e-mail. We'll do the drawing in about a week. Good luck!

*I'd like to request that you sing this headline to the tune of the Flintstones, because every time I've thought about getting this together in the past few months, that is exactly what runs through my head.

**I'd also like to request that you only enter the contest to win these items for yourself (or, I suppose, gift to someone who will love them dearly), and not turn around and resell them on eBay or something. That kind of kills the spirit of things, you know?


Ms. Spinach said...

testing 1, 2, 3... i've had reports of this not working, so i thought i'd better try myself. (i've been futzing around with the site today, and it wouldn't surprise me if i managed to do some irreparable damage!)

Ms. Spinach said...

p.s. seems okay, but if you're having any problems with posting here, just send an e-mail!

jen© said...
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Anonymous said...

gloves, please!

i'd love to shimmy my little hands into those lovely, lovely gloves. i'd rock 'em with a t-shirt, jeans and crazy lady accessories. because everyone's so curious, it'd look something like this.

caroline, 25, oklahoma city

jen© said...

Would luuuuurve to have the bag please. Been eyeing a new dress but could not decide if I should spend on it cos I don't have any bags to go with it! *sighs* but, but, but... if I had this little black bag, I wouldn't need to be in a dilemma anymore! *yay* (classic case of which came first - chicken or the egg? in my case, i'd like to think the bag before the dress) *grins with fingers crossed*

Jenny, 33, Singapore

chrissy said...

Must have the must-have gloves!
If these gloves were mine, everynight would be a Great Gatsby night! I'd pair the gloves with a tiered 20s-inspired black cocktail dress, a feathered fascinator pinned to the side of my wavy locks, a faux animal stole wrapped around my shoulders and electric blue heels.
Chrissy, 24, Los Angeles, CA

Unknown said...

may i have the bag please !

i would flaunt it as part of my architect's uniform, dressed all in black except for an exquisite silk scarf and/or family heirloom-esque brooch. it would be a the perfect companion for oxford or tortoise-shell spectacles.

i would also mention sailing on a yacht a lot.

lynette, 23, sydney, australia

Anonymous said...

Can I have the gloves please. I have a little 50's floral dress that I wear my black 70's velvet blazer I found in my Mum's attic which I push up the sleeves to my elbows to wear with my elbow length leather gloves in the winter - since spring has sprung I cannot begin to tell you how a posing peacock would brighten up the dreary northern England days!

gorgeoux said...

Lovely bag for lovely me, please :)

I'd like to carry this precious little one on those days when I need to look and mean business--with a twist--, when I dress like a schoolgirl, when I stroll in the park by myself, when I carry a heavy umbrella and when I play doctor for some poor friend's heart.

I'd wear it with a serious business suit and red accessories, with a thin black summer dress about to twirl and a red scarf, with black jeans and red high heels, with a green, blue, and yellow outfit, with my Chinese blouses, and with my black Grecian evening gown and Peru gold jewellery... to the next dinner/ wedding.

I'd take it with me on the Vietnam trip soon, and when winter's back, it'd also look grand next to my faux fur coat in red and black. It would forever remind me of you and at the same time my mother, as she has something very similar in black patent, and I've been forever hopelessly in love with it.

Mirona, 31, London

Bouncing Evil Ginner said...

Bag please!!

I would want to pair this with my pair of grey brogues, some sort of interesting tights and a rather nice and fetching, yet slightly demure black dress. There would be a lace underskirt involved, causing itching on my lower legs. Meaning I have to put the bag on a table to scratch the legs, leading to better positioning of the bag whereby it would be easier to receive compliments.

Alternatively (oooh am I allowed two?) I would wear this with a kimono type top and black pencil skirt, plus black wedges.

Claire, 22, Oxford

suzy. said...

gloves please!

i would wear these to the metropolitan opera with a retro-inspired LBD and ostrich blue tights under black cane woven tights so the blue just peaks out. They are just PERFECTION!


Sarah said...

As much as I lust after those gloves (Wow.), I have made my peace with the fact that my hands are not small and they cannot be mine. Sigh. Anyway, the bag is also gorgeous and I would love to pair it with an ankle length wool coat, cool gold sequined kitten heals and a pencil skirt. Fabulous. Please enter me for this bag. Thanks!!

Sarah - 31 - St. Paul, MN

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well, since you opened this fabulous contest for international readers, and I don't live in Zimbabwe (just Canada), I'll join in. :)

Peacock gloves, s'il vous plait!

I am almost 6 feet tall, but my hands are quite small, even after playing piano for 11 years. I also have a big lurw for peacocks, and especially their feathers (in print, I feel guilty about buying their real feathers).
Anyway, I would definitely take these gloves with me to my trip to Helsinki. Dress them down with a hot pink top with a peacock tail print (from a local Canadian designer I believe), khaki army-style jacket, jeans, kitty heels, and peacock feather earrings (I own one pair, that's it!!!). Or, dress them up, and wear them with a summery bright red dress, very large Audrey style chapeau, and a blazer with 3/4 sleeves which I got last summer in Amsterdam. :)

Anja, 22, Ottawa

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I've been in China for the past five years and I'm planning to move to NYC in the summer. I've been obsessing over what sort of adjustments to make to my wardrobe to make it Big City appropriate, and I'm most afraid of being cold since I live just next to HK here and am from Memphis. I imagine myself wearing these gloves to go to a dinner/cocktail party in NYC, and everyone else is wearing things that are very stylish and cool and city, like I'm at a party with all the Sartorialist's photo subjects. And I feel nervous when I'm going in because I'm worried that they'll look at me and know immediately that I don't belong. But then I remember that I'm wearing my best dark skinny jeans, my comfiest but hottest red patent peep toes, my most flattering white tank (hanes tagless boys size L), a tough-looking black jacket with 3/4 sleeves, and these super amazing gloves. And I think "who wouldn't like me? I'm wearing ostriches on my forearms!"

Then we all sing karaoke till we drop and I make Tom Collins-es for everyone. And Steve Carell is there and we become fast friends. The end.

Susan, 26, in Shenzhen, China but if I were to win, they could be sent to Memphis, TN, because I'll be there in a couple months and I wouldn't want to take a chance on these things being lost in the mail or worn by a customs agent.

PS apologies for the deleted comments. I kept misspelling things.

Sara said...

Gloves, pretty please.

My small hands would sport these to a diplomatic ball in Manila this spring. the Philippinos are very formal people. I love that the gloves would be glam and formal but the silk screening gives it a funky flair. I would pair it will a black strapless gown and patent leather royal blue peep toe heels. A diamond broach for sure.
Sara, 27, Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Gloves, por favor. I would wear them to the opera in Salt Lake (like a rodeo in Manhattan, our opera house is just a bit more "special" because of location). People have fun at the opera here, and these gloves are just exactly appropriate.

(besides, they would look perfect with the Anais sweater I am knitting)


Anonymous said...

Handbag, please.

I have a passionate penchant for purses. A hankering for handbags, a fervor for finery of the accessory sort. Rest assured, this lovely would be well appreciated and treated with the utmost respect.

It rather reminds me of my first love: a black patent leather box-purse with a clear resin handle. I carried that handbag until the handle fell off (and then I hot-glued it on, continuing to carry it until the handle fell off again, not to be repaired.)

This sweet bag would find a wonderful home in Chicago, accompanying me on various adventures. Drinks with a dashing young man? Window shopping the boutiques? A warm spring walk, as we finally start to thaw? Oh, what tales this bag will be able to tell!

Bonnie Cauble
34 (yikes!)
Chicago, Illinois

Anya said...

Gloves, please!
I'll be visiting my grandparents in South Africa over summer and going on a photo safari (can't wait!). The gloves will add a perfectly funky touch to a floppy wide-brimmed hat, prim button-up blouse, menswear vest and slouchy boots, like a trippier Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. And while I count down the days, I'll wear them to cheer myself up while doing algebra homework, as those insouciant little ostrich faces always make me smile.

Anya, 17, Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

BAG me the BAG!

Jackie O and me go way back. In my last life, we were best buds. In this lifetime, she found me and came to me in a dream before I even saw this blog entry. She said, "You will win this glorious bag that was once mine! I know only you can wear it well!"

Jillian, 26, Cincinnati Ohio

zoe said...

Ooooh Fun! Bag! I'd use it with my bright 1950s blue wool swing coat, black hiiiigh heels, huge dark sunglasses, and inside I'd keep my mini binoculars, and fake nose/moustache/glasses disguise. A girl must stay incognito...
zoe, 31, Israel

Brooke said...

Bag. I would wear it with brightly colored adidas sneakers, dark jeans, h&m shirt, forever 21 sweater, h&m jacket, red necklace. I'm actually not a purse person but I just recently bought a bright blue bag from h&m and I'm basically in love with it. Now I'm thinking I should add more of this thing into the mix.

brooke, just shy of 28, dc

Sheena said...

If I win I would like the bag please!

If I won the bag I would wear my deep-blue-patterned-with-large-red-roses-mandarin-collared-elbow-sleeved-shirt and black tulip skirt and chunky T-strap heels on my first excursion with the bag. I think I'd even wear my carnelian drop earrings (even if this might be too matchy-matchy with the bag's handle). I'd walk through the streets, swinging the bag in time with my earrings and keep the bag busy as I enter stores and open and close the bag.

The outfit is real, but I don't think I could realize the last part of my description. That would be okay though, wouldn't it? The bag is so lovely and its natural beauty would probably be best displayed when it's closed. Perhaps our second date could be a hike up a mountain?

Sheena, 24, Delta, BC, Canada

sarahrbmizer said...

I heart those gloves.
I would wear them with long tank and jeans and my trusty boots. they'd look even better with my red enameled bangle over the wrist.
sarah, 27, RVA

Ains said...

For the bag please?

I'd like bag so that when I, a broke undergraduate, sit in my tiny cramped dorm room and drool over fashion blogs I'll be inspired as I plan out my wealthy successful professional career, in which I can afford to be hip and trendy. And so that, 8 years down the road, when I am a broke med student, I'll have a bag which is a little bit hip and trendy, even if the rest of me still can't afford to be. Also, I will be that much neater as I ride the bus, even if the man sitting next to me smells bad.

Ainsley, 18, Seattle Washingon

La Terpette said...
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Jonesie said...

The Gloves!!
I would wear these gloves with everything I own, doing everything i do:
Especially with my three quarter sleeve silk swing jacket so the eyes just peek out the bottom of the sleeve.
I would feel extra luxurious and cool riding along on my bike with the ostrich's eyes staring down oncoming traffic.
Dancing tango would mean the little chick would steal the show as i raise my arms and strut my stuff!

Ohhhhhh may the competition gods smile on me!!!!

Jonesie, 26, Australia

oblivia said...

Bag, please.

I never win these things, but it is a nice distraction from grading!
Mmmm... I picture pairing this cute bag with a buttercup yellow dress--(boucle or taffeta) and red or turquoise shoes or earrings. Thanks!
Olivia, 28, Bronx, NY

Rorosto said...

I'd love the GLOVES! I'd wear them to mix things up at a museum opening. And I attend quite a few of those... sometimes even work them. If I had these babies on, I'd get plenty of passersby wanting to chat about them, which would keep me from getting bored when I'm stuck in one place as a hostess. With a little black dress, the obvious choice, or with my blue mini skirt, a simple tshirt and heels in colors that help make those gloves pop... how cool.
Aurora, 25, NYC

manialab said...

gloves gLoVes GloveSssss please....

it is just a perfect color mach! I do adore blue, red and white combination, besides now after I saw them I cant imagine myself not having them for my warm-up party ....of a newly renovated HK
ah would be great! but if it's not my lucky time I will simply try to create (probably not as nice...but still) blue-red graphic on one of my white walls :)


Ewelina,26, Hong Kong (but originally Polish)

Unknown said...

of course the fabulous throw back to the classic O. that treasure of a bag would be paired with everything, from dawn till dusk.

Jessica, DC

Anonymous said...

This is a tragedy! I love, LOVE, those gloves but my hands are too big for them! :(

So bag it is. Truly, how would I not be able to use this bag?

Alex, 21, Greeley Colorado (Originally Hondurian)

Crysler said...

gloves please!

I think those gloves deserve a great red dress, high heels, and a pair of kind of wacky sunglasses!

Crysler, 20, Ottawa Ontario

allison said...

Bag please!

I have a conservative family function coming up - and a night out with my boyfriend for our anniversary. This bag would look amazing with the classic black sheath for the family and also the backless dress for the boy!

Allison, 23, D.C.

Anonymous said...

bag, please - think my fingers may e to fleshy for the gloves! :P

i'd pair the bag with an m-shaped tube, my swirl twiggy skirt (i think you have one too! :) ), black stockings and black pumps. or pretty much anything else! :)

it'll have a good home with me! :D

denise, 20, singapore

Anonymous said...

*be too fleshy

La Terpette said...

I'm re-commenting because I forgot my name age and location!

There's no question in my mind. I wanted the gloves from the moment I scrolled down far enough to see those ostrich eyes staring longingly back at me.

I would wear these gloves with a black jacket with sleeves that are a little more than three quarters in length, so you could see all of the glove. I would wear a red scarf draped around my neck several times, a black vest with a gray and white striped T underneath, dark skinny jeans and a pair of yellow converse sneakers.

Katherine, 19, College Park MD

Anonymous said...

Oh, the gloves are absolutely exquisite. I would wear them to my fashion show with a 3/4 length sleeve animal friendly "leather" jacket in a stunning cherry color, really dark skinny jeans, and probably red heels (I have a thing for red). I would also probably sport them in my bridal portraits. There is never a wrong time for a little whimsy.

Krista Beth, 25, Charleston, SC

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if any of the previous commenters have mentioned this, but the Mayflower Hotel in D.C. is where NY Governor Eliot Spiter allegedly met his high-cost hookers...

Best wishes for the glove/bag contest!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Gloves please.

I would love to wear the gloves to my wedding reception (no plans YET). I will match it with a bright red structured strapless mini dress and black high-heeled Louboutins. Accessories will be a simple crystal hairband, pearl studs and a single pearl on a silver chain. And of course... the wedding ring will sit on top of the gloves! :)

Kylee Z, 23, Hong Kong

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I would *love* the gloves.
I picture myself wearing that with a vintage polka dot dress and a giant floppy hat to a fabulous brunch with my girlfriends. Of course, I would only order things like toast and eat it plain since I'd hate to stain my pretty pretty gloves!~

Emily, 23, Columbus, OH

Laura said...

Gloves, pretty please!

We have a retro prom night each year, and they would go perrrfect with a blue organza or layered tulle dress!

* I'm in Munich now, but have all US items shipped to my mom and then delivered to me via visitors. :)

Thomas said...

Gloves please.

I would want to win these for Charlie, who, apart from being so deserving of pretty things, would rock these gloves in a flapper dress, oxford heels, and a fascinator perched on her head, possibly to my sister's wedding.

Thomas said...


Thomas, 31, Victoria (Canada).

cnishi said...

Bag please!

I'd be wearing a BRIGHT yellow, sleeveless dress with a ruffled front and collar paired with dainty white flats (preferably with bows on them). The bag would would be a nice foil and provide a bit of structure to the ruffles and frivolity (remember, bows on shoes!). I'll be in some urban locale (NYC perhaps?) sipping on some delicious drink complete with bendy straw. What better way to stand out amongst the brownstones than to wear canary yellow?
Cesilia, 24, Winnipeg

becs said...

The Glove please...

I'll throw in with a local celebrity vintage tee shirt & a hippie-ish trailing print skirts
not forgetting Maje feather necklance

& walk right into a Indie Rock Club & wave my hands like never before.

becs, 22, Singapore

Anna said...

ooh! gLOVEs!Please!

I'd slip on the gloves along with fierce studded black ankle boots, black tights and my simple fitted white dress with a poofy skirt and a bow on the back. Then I'd bling it up with turquoise earings.

Awesome competition, thanks for being so generous and amazing :)

Anna said...

Oops, forgot to tell you that I'm Anna from Canberra, Australia.

Anonymous said...

I'd love the gloves - I'd wear them with my short grey cape to brighten up everyone's day while reaching up for books in the London Library.

Emma from London

Anonymous said...

I'd love the gloves - I'd wear them with my short grey cape to brighten up everyone's day while reaching up for books in the London Library.

Emma from London

Unknown said...

This has been a difficult and much pondered decision...I'm absolutely in love with those gloves but can you believe I have the opposite problem to you...I'm fairly sure my tiny childlike hands will be lost inside those 'medium' sized gloves, so...

Bag please!!!
It'd fit beautifully into my wardrobe. I'd carry it when wearing my black wool skirt, opaque tights and black patent slingbacks with my cute red sweater in the winter or with a gorgeous little 50s style summer dress for picnics in the park this summer.

missmilki, 26, Ireland

Manic Mummy said...

Gloves, please!

I have nowhere to wear them to, because I'm a housewife and my husband doesn't take me to glitzy functions. Plus it's hot as hell in Singapore anyway, nobody wears gloves.

But I'll wear them at home for my 2-year-old son, and I can wave my pretty gloved hands around and conduct him like a choir. Or we can hold hands, and he'll think it's funny my hands are now white, and we will sing Ring A Ring A Rosy. It'll look weird with my pyjamas or house robe, but it's only eccentric (not crazy) when you've got the right attitude.

Clara, 30, Singapore

m-l-e said...

The setting San Francisco:
Brunette girl with red lipstick, slouchy slacks, and mini-trench on phone:

Him: but how will I pick you out of the crowd?
Her: I'll be the one with THE BAG
Him: 1 hour, then?

emily, 31, San Francisco, CA.. who thinks that winning the bag may be the ticket to blind date bliss.

Courtney said...

My heart completely skipped beats when I saw these beautiful gloves on your site...and lucky for me, I have tiny hands! I would happily wear these beauties with my inherited mink cape while driving my 1965 Mercedes. Oh I would be the giddiest person on the road!

Anonymous said...

oh the gloves, the gloves. For the love of gloves I must have them. Obviously I'd wear them while doing my housework. I cannot possibly imagine a better and more stylish way to perform the "white glove test."

Except, I wouldn't want them to get dirty so I would have to make sure I dusted even better than normal. Which means these gloves will make my house clean. There you have it!

Audrey, 32, Palo Alto CA

Royah Marie said...

I would *love* to win/wear the gloves!! I live in beautiful Troy NY,a small city along the Hudson River. It gets chilly up here on spring nights, the perfect weather to leave the house in a sun dress for drinks after work, and carry along your favorite sweater/coat for later in the evening. I'd wear these babies with my blue and white senorita-stylie sun dress and a long, red-white checkered scarf draped around my neck. Sunglasses, of course, and my red clutch. I would keep them on all night and continually touch things in a "The Price Is Right" Barker Beauty kinda way...."oh, you mean pass *this* salt shaker?"

Royah, 26, Troy, NY.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Gorgeous gloves! I'd wear them with a short sleeved turtleneck, slim pencil skirt and sky high heels to cocktails with my girlfriends.

Drea, 28, Golden, CO

Anonymous said...

O. i love Jackie O.-esque purse...O. please

I will definitely wear this vintage piece with my retro geometric-patterned dress and russian YANKA gold dial watch. Still look cool on a humid island then.

Oi Fun, 31
sg island

Anonymous said...

Gloves, please. :P

these gloves would be perfect for warm afternoons out in my red strapless dress, kind of like that scene in "how to lose a guy in 10 days," but shorter and then later on, possibly worn to a photo session with friends in empty gazebos. and when i'm 80, i'll look back and smile; being a slave to blogs was worth something.

Karina, 18, Washington State

Anonymous said...

gloves for sure :)!!

I'm from Singapore and I can imagine myself wearing these with my vintage 80s peacock dress for an upcoming friend's wedding ceremony, i think it'll be perfect for the bride too :D and the idea of wearing it while having brunch with the girls or a late night out to the play in Esplanade, so couture yet classy!!

Felicia, 22, from Singapore

Anna said...

Everytime I come back here to check that the gloves are as awesome as I think they are, I end up singing 'contests, we've got contests' in the flinstones tune for hours. It must be one of the catchyest jingles ever.

Bettan said...

Gloves please! They would look lovely together with my white strapless dress at prom 28th of May! Or what do you think? ;)

Beata, 17, from Sweden.

Sarah Jane said...

gloves! please!

and I'd escort them to my sister's wedding this fall, where I'd use their swash of distinction to passively-aggressively skirt any participating eyeballs away from those six other girls wearing my same damn black dress. I'd delicately remove them before swigging the shit out of my father's wallet's open bar but would totally need them back as muses when I'm called to get snarky for my maid (and when are YOU getting marr... OH! what cunning little gloves!) of honor song/dance.

they're lovely. they remind me of the bird tommy kirk rides in "swiss family robinson" right before the pirates arrive. just lovely.

sarah, 26, from Portland, OR (though currently Florida)

fleur_delicious said...

gloves, please!

I'd pair them with a darling little kelly-green-and-white striped A-line tee or blouse with half-length sleeves,h my dark blue lucky jeans, a bright red belt, and my favorite ecru heeled brogues, just to prove to all my students that academic girls can rock accessories, too.

Sarah, 27, bound homeward (Seattle!) in a just four more months! wooo! (back to a colder climate, I'm gonna need more cool weather dressing)

Stephanie said...

Ooh I have tiny hands, and those gloves are so ridiculously beautiful and perfect - it's destiny! I'd pair them with something flat out INSANE/retro/quirky (no jeans/lbds of course) and bright red lipstick. It'd be a good incentive for me to make my style just one step crazier. You probably won't pick me, but if you do I promise to wear the outfit to school. And post evidence on my blog. The bitchy comments I'll inevitably get will be so worth it.

Fashion Tidbits said...

gloves, please!!??? :D

i would definitely not risk soiling them but....i cannot resist thinking of the fact that i would cause a sensation wearing those fab gloves matched with my lab coat...hey nobody says i can't go to anatomy lab in style....:P

Fashion Tidbits, 21, South Korea

Uloma Ogbonnaya said...

I would just about, FAINT for those gloves!!!
I am from Houston, Texas and I LOVE dressing insanely and uniquely fashionable. Those gloves scream that to me!!! Gosh, if I had those gloves, you'd better believe that i'd let everyonelse know just how HOT they were!

Uloma, 13, Houston Texas

Anonymous said...

The bag!!!
Where would i wear the bag to? Everywhere! i have been scouring for a bag to go with the yellow and black tulip skirts that i just made. They would go perfectly with the structured bag!
Christine, 16, Singapore

Anonymous said...

Bag please!
I would wear a floral dress, put daisies in my hair and walk my balloon chicken to the park using my left hand and carry the purse in my right. How rad!
Justine, 15, Singapore

roherohe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pennyfarthing said...

Ooooh, gloves please!

I would wear them with a dark skinny jeans, a white ballet-neck top, grey chuck taylor low-tops, matte 1940s movie star-red lipstick, and super fancy dangly earrings.

eleanor said...

may i have the bag please!

i would pair it with a blue vintage floral dress, lots of bangles and leather booties on a lovely summer's day.

Niki said...

Oh, most definitely the bag.

There I'll be, with my lovely vintage bag, high heels, my favorite jeans, and my white v-neck chiffon kurti (long shirt from india) that's embellished with grey & black pearls, and I'll pull it together with my black pashmina shawl.

Niki, 31, Portland, Oregon

Genuine Lustre said...

I would carry that bag to the country club, where I preside over the luncheon meetings of our local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter. Would wear with a safari shirt dress, silk scarf and platform wedges.

Anonymous said...

Gloves, Please.

They would be so darling with my vintage pencil skirt (gray), a silk top in the right shade of blue or maybe red, and layers of pearls. Red lips a must. :)

Heather, 22, Tennessee

Lee said...

Gloves, please!

I could pair those gloves with a number of things. There's the silk little black dress for a sorority formal dance. Or a pair of jeans and a black vest (nothing under) for a dinner party. They'll add a splash of fun to everything I wear.

Megan, 21, Berkeley

Gwenyth said...

Gloves please.

I would love to experiment wearing the gloves with a short cocktail, shift dress.

I come from Singapore, where as you would know, people would give you weird looks for wearing hats/gloves in public as it's something that's just not done here. So for once, I would love to live dangerously and ham it up at a very public place with the lovely gloves and a lovely old world vintage dress.

My name is Sharmaine, I'm 40 (gosh, not sure if I'm too old to be walking around with the gloves, but it will be fun to catch the reactions of conservative Singaporeans) and I'm from Singapore!

Thanks, this contest is a wonderful idea!

Claudia said...

Please enter me for the bag. I promise I'll take good care of it! Honestly, this is not very creative, but I'd probably wear it with a good pair of jeans and a nice leather jacket. Is that horrible? :-)

Claudia, 43, Cleveland, OH

Meggy said...

I would like to be entered for the gloves, please.

I would wear the gloves with one of the many, many dresses I own -- with skirts -- with my hair done up in the pin curls that I am currently obsessed with putting my hair up in and low heels. And I'm thinking the gloves would be perfect for pairing with my as-yet-unpicked wedding gown, for my wedding which is happening next summer.

Meg / 24 / Mountain View, California

Ms. Spinach said...

okay! no more!

i'm compiling all these fabulous entries and hope to do the drawing by this afternoon. stay tuned!

LPN said...

These gloves are A-MA-ZING - so sad that I've missed my chance!

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