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Friday, March 07, 2008

*Rock and roll is pretty! Seriously, how gorgeous is this illustrated album cover for Brooklyn-based band Mussels? The band members hand-screened it themselves, and it's even better up close and in person in its full, double-sided glory. (Thanks, Cat, for all the helpful details, cover image and also my copy of the album.) Anyway, they'll be playing D.C.'s Velvet Lounge on Saturday before making their way out to SXSW, and I definitely want to check it out.

*Soon Lee has us all excited over the new trend of blow-dry bars. Blow-dry bars! We would probably patronize one in a second if it meant we didn't have to fuss with our own unmanageable hair every day.

*Beth at longtime favorite The Vintage Society is getting some *amazing* opportunities as part of Quiksilver's Site LA project. I dare you to read the great press she's been receiving and not instantly be smitten.


Brian and Beth Jones said...

Thanks Ms. Spinach! Your support is huge!

Anonymous said...

ooh love the illustration!