Drum roll please…. The contest winners!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm actually kind of sad our first big contest has to end, because it means only two of you can win, and a whopping 91 of you have to leave this blog today empty-handed. Boooo. We wish we had enough bags and gloves for everyone! For your weddings, and proms, and convertible-driving and balloon chicken-walking (note to Justine: I'm still not sure what that means, but it sounds fun and made me laugh) and all the other lovely scenarios you suggested. They were all completely wonderful, so thank you for participating.

But, we do have two winners, done by random drawing! First, the Liz Saintsing gloves: They are off to Alexandra, in Moldova! (Yup, I had to look it up too, and it's in Eastern Europe. These are really going to be some well-traveled gloves!)

Her e-mailed entry was: "Oh, I can imagine wearing these with a golden sleeveless dress, electric blue/ turquoise high heels, and a simple choker with ruby stones. Or, alternatively, an electric blue/ turquoise closely fitting jumper, a high waisted white pencil skirt, and red shoes. OMG, I'm being too matchy-matchy. There are so many variations, though... I think they'd compliment many outfits."

Alexandra, you must rock these gloves all around Moldova, and send pictures. I'm kind of seriously enjoying the fact that Liz can now say she's *huge in Moldova*.

And now, the vintage bag: It's off to Miss Milki in Ireland! Her entry was: "This has been a difficult and much pondered decision...I'm absolutely in love with those gloves but can you believe I have the opposite problem to you...I'm fairly sure my tiny childlike hands will be lost inside those 'medium' sized gloves, so...

Bag please!!! It'd fit beautifully into my wardrobe. I'd carry it when wearing my black wool skirt, opaque tights and black patent slingbacks with my cute red sweater in the winter or with a gorgeous little 50s style summer dress for picnics in the park this summer."

Miss Milki, we will require some photos of the bag frolicking in the Irish countryside, or perhaps enjoying a pint of Guinness in your local pub.

In any case, thanks again to everyone for playing! And sit tight! We hope to have another fun contest very soon. Honestly, we will probably not be satisfied until everyone goes home with pretty things.

{Fireworks photo found here.}

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