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Friday, July 21, 2006

+I'm happy to report that Fashion is Spinach is a proud new member of online fashion community Coutorture (which doesn't really require anything except asking them if you can join. Still, we're thrilled. We're also sorta hoping there might be a fun badge or cute kerchief involved eventually.)

+Bunnyshop highlights some great finds from the Shopbop sale, going on now. (I totally heart the Karen Zambos dress.)

+Guise has me reminiscing about that perfectly shrunken navy boys' blazer I once found at a thrift store, but inexplicably chose not to buy. Non-buyer's remorse strikes again.

+Fashion Binge helpfully points us towards some legitimately affordable (read: on sale) Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit shoes.

+Happy Mundane directs us to his great slideshow on a very cool L.A.-area house, full of inspiring decorating ideas. Also full of some of the same Ikea furniture we own and love, like the PS locker cabinet and the Expedit bookshelf.

+Inside a Black Apple loves Remix Vintage Shoes, which recreate vintage styles. Which is perfect for those of us with size 10 feet, who can woefully never find vintage shoes in our size. (I have been holding on to the tiny vintage round-toed pumps above – a thrift store find – for about four years now, with the hope that I'll be able to have some cobbler-type person remake them in my size one day. In the meantime, they still look pretty cute just sitting on my bookshelf.)


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