Here I Go Again!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Perhaps we can think of my Project Runway season 2 entries as delightfully retro (and not, say, "so last year"). I caught three more episodes the other night (because, when you own the DVD, the joy and the danger is that there's nothing to curb the number of episodes you watch. This has had dangerous consequences for me from time to time – most notably when Mike and I watched the first season of Lost in a excessive weekend binge – but I seem to be controlling myself nicely with Project Runway.)

Anyway, thoughts: Love, love, love Santino & Nick's kimono jacket for BR – which, annoyingly, is not pictured online. (I've had quite a kimono fixation lately, and theirs was really elegant and beautiful and just different enough.) I also thought Emmett and Chloe's creation was stunning. I was much less keen on Andrae and Daniel V.'s winning design, but they are both so cute it doesn't matter.

I also loved Kara Janx's Nicky Hilton dress (she – and I, apparently – just loves a big side bow). I was actually terribly sad that Daniel Franco got kicked off, because regardless of any personality… quirks, I thought his lingerie collection was quite pretty and undeserving of being booted. I actually shed tears when Tim Gunn told Daniel F. that he was leaving the show with integrity and respect – though this won't be surprising if you know me at all, because I also cry when I see that commercial with the blind marathon runner and also every time I watch the end of The Notebook, particularly around the part where Ryan Gosling yells, "I wrote you every day for a year!" I'm really very teary.

(Sometimes, I think Mike hides The Notebook on purpose, just so he won't come home and find me bawling on the couch. Which has happened on more than one occasion. Anyway.)

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