Project Runway! (Er, season 2!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Y'all are going to have to indulge me a bit this week. I know you are all about Project Runway season 3, but we over here have only just started season 2 this week. And we really, really want to talk about it. Just a little. Just the highlights. Okay?

We've gotten through the first three episodes and so far: totally hearting Tim Gunn, totally not hearting Santino, totally finding Daniel Franco to be a little too touchy-feely for our taste, but admiring his work quite a bit thus far. It seems like it's only a matter of time before the "bliss" starts getting thrown around, even though he promised it wouldn't.

I'm also in love with Diana Eng's amazingly modern nerd-chic designs (above). They're like artwork! With magnets!

I really loved the shape of Kara Janx's debut dress – the full cut, empire waist with the bow on the side. And Chloe's cool mini-dress was undeniable:

For both of these, I was like "eh." And then I was like "ah!" I've decided I really like the jeans-shrug thing in particular:

Okay, you can go back to discussing season 3 amongst yourselves now. We are trying to avoid the coverage, but that is proving to be impossible. We may need to resort to downloading from iTunes.


Anonymous said...

dude, the jeans shrug? are you high? i bet tim gunn called that "student work."

Anonymous said...

also, i too adored diana eng, lisp and all.

Ms. Spinach said...

i know it may be an unpopular choice, but i'm standing by the jeans shrug. she looks cute!

Ms. Spinach said...

it's so funny because i know that daniel v. is a finalist (er, right?) but so far he's been underwhelming. i suppose he kicks it up a notch after episode three?

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