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Friday, July 14, 2006

Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm not constantly trying to fix up the place. (Lately, I have been much more interested in buying furniture than clothes. Though I think it's just a phase that will end once new fall collections start appearing in stores.) This week I've been spending a lot of time at Ikea to get my new sewing area ship-shape (that's it above, in all its work-in-progress glory!). But if I made just a little more money, I'd be purchasing these items *immediately*:

I love the rough wood look of this Primitive Dining Table by John Erdos Gallery here in Singapore (the chairs, however, I will skip):

I'm wondering if I can get that table to work with the simple lines of these amazing chairs by Wild Spirit:

Though I'm also kind of intrigued about pairing it with something very unexpected, like these metal Holz chairs from Design Within Reach:

My TV needs a nice new home very badly, and I have been coveting the Telefunken TV credenza from the Plank line of Singapore-based modern furniture company Air Division:

I have desperately longed for a wooden slat bench for years (my brother has the one from our house growing up, and so far I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to wrest it from him.) So, I'd probably make Lucky Olive (one of my absolute favorite flickr-ers, her vintage finds are just incredible) an offer she can't refuse on this mid-century slat bench she recently found at a garage sale. For $5. I have been in the throes of insane jealousy ever since:

All remaining money will be going toward bedding. I am in desperate need of a bedding makeover, but I haven't precisely identified what that will entail.

And that's it! That's all I need. Except this thermos…


holly said...

i love your sense of style. i'm hoping to achieve what you've done above your sewing area in my home office. that display of artwork is just lovely.

Ms. Spinach said...

it's so funny because just after i posted, i saw *your* site with your plans for a similar kind of wall. (I do actually love the black and white photos on the pic you displayed; i'm just way too colorful for my own good sometimes.)

i had to work it out on the floor a few times to figure out how it would fit together best. i was partially inspired by interior designer darren ransdell's home office -- also a wall of different-sized b&w images -- which was featured in budget living's great decorating book home cheap home (and in the magazine as well, before the book came out).

sigh. i miss budget living.

Claire said...

I want those wild spirit chairs, I want those wild spirit you think if I said it enough times they'd magically appear?

Ms. Spinach said...

no telefunken for me... yet. it's pretty much out of my price range, so i'm waiting to get a) a really big work assignment or b) a very wealthy benefactor.

in the meantime, i'll be chanting with lola is beauty...

Anonymous said...

Definitely the metal chairs with that table.