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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am having too much fun hanging out with my sewing machine, singing showtunes at the top of my lungs and trying to work out this bag pattern I desperately want to make. So here are some other things happening in the blogosphere to keep you entertained:

*Cat has an exhaustive report on the cutest (and very affordable) little print bags you could ever hope to own, plus some suggestions for how to make your own.

*The amazingly prolific Holly B. at Decor8 has a terrific roundup on fun bed linens that makes me wish I had about four extra beds to cover. (Unfortunately, Mike has already nixed the girly apple tree print sheets from Delia's, but does seem open to the graphic bloom print from CB2.) And then Design*Sponge highlighted this great circle bedspread from Urban Outfitters, so now I wish I had five extra beds.

*A Bird in the Hand sparked a great little discussion on magazines, which turned me on to the newish Pop Life (modern, creative decorating; I ordered it immediately) and the very new Adorn (for crafty types). Meanwhile, I've been on a quest for a copy of Selvedge, but apparently it doesn't have a strong Singapore following. Boo!

*My very fun friend Holly P. is having a baby and counting down the days 'til she can have wine and tuna again. Read, laugh, and go eat a sandwich for her.

*Mike promises to be bringing me home fun packages, including Project Runway season 2 (which should keep me from being too jealous of those of you in the U.S. who got started on season 3 this week). Speaking of! Did you see this lengthy new interview with the "endlessly quotable" Tim Gunn, via Fashion Addict Diary? I love Tim Gunn more than anything, and I also love that he refused to lie about the fact that Banana Republic asked for his wardrobe back after season 1, including the socks. I'm also expecting Visionaries: Interviews with Fashion Designers by Susannah Frankel, which I cannot wait to read. So. Yay.


Funky Finds said...

I simply adore Tim Gunn. Isn't he fabulous? I had never seen Project Runway until last weekend. I was at mom's (she has cable - sadly I do not!) and there was a season 1 marathon on Bravo. One ep & I was hooked. Loved the Wendy Pepper drama!!! And Austin...oh how I loved Austin. So I'll be with you watching Season 2 dvds! :)

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