Currently Contemplating: Sleeveless Trenchcoats

Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the past few years – ever since Burberry showed sleeveless trenches on the runway, but couldn't really get them to catch on – I've been thinking of taking the scissors and cutting the arms off of one of my thrift store trenchcoats. I've got one in particular that fits really well but has somewhat awkward short sleeves (because have I mentioned that I'm nearly six feet tall? Everything I own that's vintage and long-sleeved stops somewhere halfway to my elbow. I try to tell myself that they're "bracelet sleeves" but really, I look like a kid who just had a growth spurt.)

Anyway. I have been thinking that this particular coat of mine could make a fun little sleeveless trench dress. But then, one of the fashion magazines recently showed a basic trench with three-quarter length sleeves that looked very cute, so I've been considering that instead. (Shorter sleeves are okay as long as they look deliberate.) However, I saw the image above on The Sartorialist the other day and am back to thinking sleeveless. It's not exactly practical, but it does look very cool.

Basic khaki trench coats are usually in abundance in thrift stores, so I'm planning on grabbing a cheap one when I'm home this fall and experimenting a bit.


Mackenzie said...

3/4 sleeves (maybe with french cuffs?), versus no sleeves at all? I'd have to say the 3/4 version wins.
Not that sleevless isn't cute, but 3/4 is so wearable. Especially with a big bracelet.

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