My New York Diary: The Conclusion

Monday, February 11, 2008

After all the Gucci hoopla, I decided to stick around for a few more days in New York to spend some time with friends and do "normal New York things" (which for me includes cute little dive bars and discount vintage stores, and not, say, stays in suites at The London NYC and parties with Puff Daddy and Anna Wintour). I moved over to Brooklyn to stay with Carl and Cat (she of Pita and Binge fame) – note to self: carrying five majorly large bags up to a six-floor walk-up is not awesome; perhaps I should really learn how to pare down? -- and spent most of my time wandering around the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, both shopping and spending time with friends.

Of course, before I left Manhattan, I did spend a gloriously sunny morning walking around midtown, where I treated myself to friend seafood at the iconic Oyster Bar in Grand Central (I highly recommending sitting at the counter; it's just so fun).

fried seafoods galore:

I passed through Bryant Park again, which was really beautiful and bright. (In fact, I completely skipped the tent activity this time – I was just too distracted by all the cool trees.)

My car took the Brooklyn Bridge on our way to C&C's and the sky was just amazing.

Lady Liberty herself:

I later met up with all my favorite girl friends (and their respective menfolk) for a night at Great Lakes. It was, in many ways, just as fun as the Gucci event: stories were shared, Britney and Project Runway were animatedly discussed, lots and lots of laughing.

Friday was crisp and cool and I took a long walk around my favorite Brooklyn stores. Manhattan shopping is pretty great, but I have a soft spot for Brooklyn's mix of eclectic boutiques and small vintage stores.

I met Theo and his mom Holly for lunch and, in return, she introduced me to the darling Park Slope boutique La Vedette (43 5th Avenue, near Flatbush, 718-6386090). It was seriously fab – very affordable, great selection, a regular rotation of new stuff every week. (It's the Soon Lee of Brooklyn!) I bought a gorgeous, poet-sleeved jersey dress that reminded me of the Eventide ones I'd loved long ago.

Dueling cameras with Theo…

…whose adorable one – from Park Slope kids' boutique Romp -- is clearly tastier than mine. I know, I tried.

Then I skipped into the city to meet Kevin (of Vintage Roadtrip! fame) for dinner at Elmo (great comfort food, including Duncan Hines chocolate cake) and drinks at West Village institution Marie's Crisis Café, an amazing piano bar that just might be my favorite bar ever. (Everyone gathers around a piano and belts out pop hits and showtunes all night! What's not to love?) My tired little eyes could barely stay open, so I scarfed down a Gray's Papaya hotdog (the best snack that $1.25 can buy) and scooted home pretty early, by New York standards.

After a great Saturday brunch with college bestie Anne at Cornelia Street Café, I lugged my (estimated by Cat) 80 pounds of luggage to the train and headed back to DC. I slept for approximately 16 hours straight immediately upon return. But what a week! It pretty much rocked.

We now return to our normal banter about pretty things, starting with this vintage hot pink luggage tote we picked up at new Park Slope vintage store Monkey Whistles & Motor Bikes (176 5th Avenue) for $35. Hey, if we can't afford the hot pink Loewe, this is kind of like the next best thing, right?


Righteous (re)Style said...

Was wondering, have you ever done a list of vintage stores in NYC? I am heading there in March for a conference and would love some guidance. Will def. check out the Park Slope store you mention as I think I am staying in Brooklyn.

Ms. Spinach said...

no, but i should! i'll try to get on that in the next few weeks.

K.Line said...

Fantastic photo log, Ms S. I especially love the trees and the roses. K

Anonymous said...

I love this post. The pictures are AMAZING!

Unknown said...

love the flowers and the skates and that red and blue wall.

Unknown said...

These pictures are great! :)

Anonymous said...

I am tre jealous of your new pink bag... I buckled down and bought the miu miu! It will arrive on Friday--I officially dubbed 2/15 International Hanbag Day.


Fashion Tidbits said...

you are an awesome awesome photographer! what sort of camera are you using???

Kathrynsky said...

i love new york!!!!
and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are really fantastic. They are so colorful, so striking! I love the angle you got on the diners and ceiling of the Oyster Bar. And that sandwich! You can see every detail of the bread. I should mention, I do like your writing as well. I am a new reader, by way of the Gucci Loves NY link....

kristin renner said...

hey, awesome post!
you mentioned shopping brooklyn, what are some good vintage/thrift shops there?
Im coming to NY in march and I have been once before, but everything was uber expensive around Brooklyn except Beacons Closet. Unless I wasnt in the right area. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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