A life without boxes (ah, memories…)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm alive! I'm even on the road to recovery. But in the midst of suffering from the cold that everyone-and-her-mother (including my mother) had, all my stuff arrived from Singapore. Have you ever tried to move from a very large apartment into a very teensy tiny apartment? While still keeping everything you own? I do not recommend. I'm looking back on pics of my gloriously large Singapore apartment (above) and dreaming about what it was like to have floor space.

So now life is about unpacking boxes, and my wardrobe is about old t-shirts and sweats and scarves wrapped around my head (no point in looking cute when you're digging around in a pile of cardboard). I've made a few forays into the shopping world out there, but haven't seen much I love, except this fab faux-croc clutch purse at Urban Outfitters. It is just so perfectly gorgeous and fifties and pretty. We are thinking if we say we will reward ourselves with it, we might get through these boxes a little bit faster.

In the meantime, this is a pretty fascinating article about Zara's continued pursuit of faster fashion. It's pretty business-y, but there are a few shopper-info gems. For example, did you know that the clothes with the black plastic hangers are the very newest, hot-off-the-sewing-machine pieces on the floor? (They get shifted over to the wooden hangers eventually.) Also, the company make money by charging more for items overseas: Those of us in the U.S. and elsewhere are paying up to 40 percent more than you guys in Spain. Hmmmmm.


K.Line said...

Dualite (blog from Montreal) did a post on this article, fyi.

I have moved from a spacious environment to a shoebox and it's quite an adjustment. Just keep in mind, location is everything - and a pared down lifestyle is envious! K

Johanna said...

I can't even imagine what life would be like with 40% off Zara's already very reasonable prices.

Wait, wait, there it is. Mmmm...heaven.

Elizabeth said...

We pay more, yet the stuff is still v. inexpensive. I'll have to look out for the black plastic hangers next time.

Anonymous said...

In Spain also minimun wages are lower.
I belive that is the reason for higer prices.
Ok. I suppose also that shippings to US are not cheap and that increases prices.

Anonymous said...

So how are you storing all your clothes in your new apartment? I'm curious because my husband and I moved from a large apartment overseas and tons of storage to one shared closet, a dresser, and nowhere to store our suitcases (currently filled with off-season clothes) or other miscellaneous clothing items due to space constraints.

Anonymous said...

ah...floor space? us manhattanites know nothing of the sort. I live in a studio, with my boyfriend and hundreds of pairs of shoes. I cant wait til this is all a distant memory and I am describing my first apartment to friends at a a beach house or somewhere else fabulous and roomy.

Top bird said...

Great article on Zara, thanks for posting.

Joanna Goddard said...

glad you're feeling a bit better!

funnily, i have the reverse dilemma. at some point in the future, i will be moving from a teeny tiny new york apt to a bigger place, and i always wonder how on earth i'm going to fill it!

good luck unpacking, my dear.....xoxo

Anonymous said...

My first experience with Zara (before it landed in DC) was while living in Spain. Zara over there was tantamount to Starbucks. It seemed like there was one on every corner. The flagship store was on my city block and during siesta it was one of the few places open. In short I visited the store at least 3 or 4 times a week. The prices were DIRT CHEAP. I loved it because it was cheaper than an H&M purchase but oh so much nicer.

When I heard Zara was coming to DC I was ecstatic. Sadly when I saw their prices jump up my euphoria was brought down a bit. Still absolutely love the store and shop there all the time, but it doesn’t give me the same joy as buying a cocktail dress for 20 Euro.

PS- New reader and love love love the blog.

miss milki said...

I'm from Ieland and Zara here is pretty reasonable, (its still a tiny bit cheaper in Spain but so is everything) but I remember being shocked walking into Zara in NY, its so much more expensive and the shop reflected felt far more exclusive and posh. On the other hand, Urban Outfitters was dirt cheap compared to here in Ireland where UO is very expensive and trendy(about twice what things cost in the U.S.) There are only 2 shops in Dublin so its also fairly exclusive...Needless to say I was in heaven in NY with UO on every corner! So I guess it works both ways!

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

Yay for tiny apartments! Floor space is overrated, no?

When I downsized (from a massive midwestern two-bedroom to a DC garden apartment), I decided that I would get rid of all furniture with drawers. That really helped me keep the clutter down and strip my belongings down to those things that are essential and which I truly love! -the DCGF

Ms. Spinach said...

oh, no! i already don't own any furniture with drawers! now what?

i've been mentally counting up how many things it would take to hold off buying at zara in the u.s. until i could afford a plane ticket, fly to spain and buy everything i love for less. something to think about...

jazmindelpais said...

I leave in Argentina and Zara here is a very expensive shop. Only rich people buy at Zara. When they are on sale they have normal prices but usually noone i know can afford it. i dont know why they do this. i guess they think were stupid..

Antonio said...

I used to live in a loft in downtown Manhattan, about 1,300 sq ft. The height was about 1 1/2 stories high. Since then I can't get enough of huge living spaces, particularly after I lived in a tinsy tiny shoebox of a room in Midtown (some one gag me with a spoon!) and paid MORE in rent than I did for my So-Cho-Lita loft (Guess what street I lived on in downtown?)

la femme said...

lovely pillows.

Anonymous said...


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