Things we meant to mention last week, but forgot

Sunday, February 03, 2008

+I miss Gossip Girl. {Sigh.} I am placating myself by clicking through lots of styley photos of the shows that aired. Starting with: bows!

+Free Valentine's cards from Maquette! They're purdy.

+Make the best of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day with Gala's great suggestions.

+More from Gala: Her top five fictional style icons, complete with lots of great pics.

+A very compelling perspective on why less is more.

+Er, and on a totally different note, Tamron already has us earmarking our economic stimulus refund for an insanely adorable Marc Jacobs dress.

+We have got to try the Rasterbator thing that everyone's gaga about. {Totally SFW, by the way. Also: giggle.}

+And! Don't forget to tell me your favorite blogs (fashion-y, design-y, kitten-y or otherwise). We're racking up a great list; I'll be sharing them all in highly convenient link-y form next week.


samantha hahn said...

Yea! Thanks for mentioning Maquette. The cards were very fun to make!! I hope lots of people find sweethearts to send them to or find the bitter ones to match their mood about the holiday. Love your blog so much!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

rasterbator is not that awesome. unless you want to have 18 million sheets of paper on your wall, all dotty. meh. picture-floating comments, on the other hand: that awesome!

Anonymous said...

for fashionable food:

Anonymous said...

As for the best blogs, as a Washingtonian myself, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DCist. Since you are now in town I would add it to the list!

Anonymous said...

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