Vogue gets it (almost) right

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I really enjoyed this Spring fashion preview on YouTube (runway videos are waaaay better than thumbnails). There's plenty of prettiness – plus little nipped blazers! -- to get you thinking about spring.

One nitpicky thing: It bugs me that they reference "Le Smoking" as "still a classic" at Dior (it's a YSL thing). I'd probably let it slide if I hadn't also caught several glaring China-reference errors in their Wendi Murdoch profile in the new March issue. And I probably would have let that slide if they hadn't included "Jovovich-Hawke" as among the top Gossip Girl designers, also in the March issue. I mean, it's Vogue. I sort of expect perfection, at least when it comes to fashion references and designer names. (The China stuff I'll let pass… but, really, tsk tsk.)

In potentially related news: The cashier at CVS refused to sell me the latest Harper's Bazaar the other day {despite the fact that there was a stack of them in their newsstand section}, claiming they had just been recalled. I, of course, stood in the corner and fervently flipped through the issue, kinda hoping to spot some embarrassing error, like unretouched photos of Lindsay Lohan (um, perhaps I watch too much Ugly Betty?). Unfortunately, none were spotted.