Wish you were here!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I was over in the central part of the city yesterday, and decided pop over to Tiananmen Square for a quick little photo op. Feelings on Mao aside, when I lived here I always got such a kick about having an international landmark practically in my backyard. It's still one of my favorite spots in all of Beijing – a place where you can see people from all over China, an area with so much history, and tons of guards in some fantastically cool earflappy hats. (Who don't like having their pictures taken, apparently. Sorry about the blurriness, but I think you can get the idea.)

Note to self: Find Chinese earflappy hat before departure on Monday.


Anonymous said...

lol earflappy hats, the term itself is hilarious! Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

hey ms spinach, looking gd!

Anonymous said...

I just came from Beijing! What an amazing city! (The earflappys were totally tempting.) A friend of mine actually picked up a commie-inspired moto helmet at the Silk Market that was just as indulgently awesome as the earflappys -if not more.

Becca <3

meliindaa. said...

hahaa "earflappy hats". i want to visit beijing! i've never been there...

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