Perfectly poufy and party-worthy

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I really, really love this vintage-inspired party dress by Unique Vintage's own line, Grayson Sofia, via ASJiNE (whose regular "If I had a Sugar Daddy…" feature is threatening to make us very poor. So. Many. Good. Finds!) At just $98, it's completely reasonable and totally adorable. {Hmmm... though slightly less reasonable when you buy the $50 crinoline underskirt.} Now I just need a place to wear it. Ummmm… would anyone like to invite us to a party?

P.S.) I know it looks a little brownish, but it's actually black.


Anonymous said...

that is really one gorgeus dress!

Anonymous said...

quick. reveal seven weird things about yourself.

that's right. you've been meme-ed.

bring it.

Anonymous said...

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