How do you say "fantastic deal" in Swedish?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This amazing Japanese-published book of the works of Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell was incredibly popular among the blogosphere last year – so much so that even Urban Outfitters picked up on it and stocked it for Christmas. But I guess the general crowd that shops the Georgetown UO wasn't privy to the hype, because a stack of the books ended up on the clearance rack a few weeks ago, where I've been watching them sit and sit. The price just dropped again to $9.99 and I finally swooped in a snagged a copy. It's really a fabulous book – plus I congratulated myself on my bargain shopping prowess by applying the saved $30 to a cute new top. Which itself cost $50. Hmmm, so maybe it wasn't quite the bargain after all.

*Random side note 1: While scouring the UO clearance section (as I am known to do), I got distracted by an employee taking a hammer to box after box of piggy banks in the basement corner. Turns out that UO doesn't ship non-sold items that are breakable back to their warehouses, so they literally just destroy them. With a hammer, apparently. The staffer told me that they do donate non-breakables to the Salvation Army, but the fragile items – like piggy banks – get smashed up and thrown away. Seems like an enormous waste, no? I'm sure those piggy banks could find a good home somewhere.

*Random side note 2: These images were cobbled together from around the Internet, but mostly here and here.

*Random side note 3: Don't despair if you don't have a well-stocked UO clearance rack near you. The book is only $32.36 from Amazon, which isn't too bad for such a gorgeous find, especially when you start taking into account all the expensive gas you're saving by not having to go pick it up. Yes, I am a master at self-justification.


Unknown said...

I also bought this book on clearance! So inspiring!

That is kind of tragic about the piggy banks!

ali said...

Score! Awesome find. And for a good deal, too.

R.G. said...

thanks for this, i'll have to make a stop there tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

you say "fantastisk överenskommelse" in swedish

Anonymous said...

that was if you translate the words directly to swedish, but i think you can say "ett riktigt kap" or something like that

Anonymous said...

'en fantastisk deal', works also