Coming full circle

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I treated myself to a little browsing session at Prada the other day (not to buy, just some very indulgent looking around.) It had been a while since I'd been in, and I went absolutely crazy over their latest pieces -- specifically, the skirts. Oh, the skirts! I love a swingy circle skirt as much as the next vintage lover, and this spring, Prada seems to have gotten it all right with the colorful patterns and thick fabrics and absolutely classic silhouette. Last season's pencil skirt wasn't really for me, and the maxi skirt is just too much trouble to bother with, but a full circle skirt – when done well and in the right proportions – is always just so completely feminine and gorgeous. The Prada ones are extra-amped (perhaps it's the stiffer fabric, or bit of crinoline underneath, or both) for an exaggerated, ultra-retro shape. *Love.*

I think the blue and red one is my favorite:

I'm kind of digging the crazy-funky men's loafers too.

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Anonymous said...

i just love these patterns... so unusual.