Introducing: Recap Thursdays!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It got off to a slow start (which we will blame on that whole "overseas move" thing), but do not worry: Share With the Group Fridays is not dead! (In fact, it will return tomorrow, in fine holiday form.) Our plan is to allow commentary all week, and then do a short recap of some highlights from last week's question on Thursdays so you don't have to go back and click again and again.

And so, here's a little review of the answers from the last question: What was the last thing you bought? Here are just a few of the fabulous things Fashion is Spinach readers have been scooping up this season:

1. Big, bold, cocktail rings. (We love this smoky quartz version from the Blake Lively-endorsed Liza Shtromberg.)

2. Boys' blazers from Brooks Brothers. We've been scouring the thrift stores for one ourselves. Two green thumbs up to the whole shrunken-preppy look.

3. Oversized Orla Kiely bags! (How cute is this leather shopper? And also: When does our first shipment from Singapore arrive so we can be reunited with our Orla Kiely bags again? We miss them!)

4. Rolls of old-school arcade tickets! Reader Ali is thinking of using them as gift tags. They've got "potential crafty project" written all over them.

5. An Alba Fan Club dress emblazoned with tiny Eiffel towers. Anna, it's so cute!

6. Tons and tons of vintage! Sounds like some great finds are being unearthed out there; personally, we've got an eye out for little capes (like this 50s eBay find. At currently $24.99, it's not exactly a steal -- but so cute!)

Really, that's only the beginning of the great buys: There were tons of good answers -- thanks so much to everyone for sharing! Stay tuned for the next installment, in slightly more timely form...


Kristi said...

That purse is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Spinach, since you're the one who turned me on to Orla Kiely bags and reminded me how cute they are, I feel it only fair to let you know that there's a sample sale going on through Dec. 21 at Showroom Seven in NYC. I snagged one of the laminated bags for $95; the leather bags are going for around $250. The details are under the sample sales tag on the Orla Kiely website. You should definitely check it out!

Closetlies said...

hello ms spinach

check out some great deals from my closet

--a model with too many items and cramped space

ali said...

Woohoo for arcade tickets that ended up making pretty cute gift tags! And for getting a lil mention. Thank you for supporting the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

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