In which I get decorating inspiration from The Darjeeling Limited

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I suspect I'm going to be about three months behind on everything for a little longer, which explains why I only made it to The Darjeeling Limited yesterday. I'm a full-on subscriber to the Wes Anderson style of filmmaking (this recent, extensive New York mag profile on the eclectic director can serve as your Public Transportation Read of the Day) and have been looking forward to seeing the film for months. I'm also -- as you may know -- a frequent traveler to (and madly in love with) India, so the combination of the two was just fantastically great.

I won't go into plot critiques, but what I took away most from the film was a renewed commitment to bright colors and bold patterns and quirky objects and eclectic finds. I'd been veering a bit towards simplicity and minimalism lately – both in my wardrobe and at home – but the film, and all its technicolor goodness, has planted me firmly back in the vivid, vibrant camp. I'm totally going to embrace a mix of bright colors and patterns in my next apartment. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Bring on the teal!

PS) Also, how incredibly gorgeous and gamine was Natalie Portman in the opening "short movie"? If I had serious cheekbones, I would totally rock the short crop. Also the incredible Marc Jacobs wardrobe.

PPS) How much do I want a proper matching luggage set now? So, so much. My three-for-$99 set, though it has seen me through something like 12 countries, is no longer cutting it aesthetically.


Nidhi said...

One of my favorites this year! I came out feeling so satisfied. There were so many small details that I am sure I will see more when I watch it again. I eagerly await the dvd.

Unknown said...

Don't forget the hand painted belt and loafers.

Joanna Goddard said...

ooh, yay, i can't wait to watch hotel c. i just downloaded it for the plane!

i agree, that crop is so cute on her...