We Will Now Pause for Lanvin

Monday, October 05, 2009

You can always tell when I'm having a crazy week (or, um, month) because I tend to drop off the internet completely. It's not just the blog that's being ignored. I haven't even been shopping online.* Yes, it really is that busy.

Of course, there is always time for a little Lanvin. I'm frightfully behind on my Paris runway reviewing -- so behind that I might just forget it all and wait for Vogue Collections to come out -- but, of course, I'd never miss a click (or three) through Lanvin. Love the simple colors and careful construction of these looks -- Mr. Elbaz at his best.

*Um, I maaaay have been shopping a bit in real life though. But only because there was an Isabel Marant jacket from Hu's Wear that was yelling my name very, very loudly.


Liberty London Girl said...

Oh there's always time for Lanvin! I nearly broke my ankle sprinting to the show last season when my car got caught in traffic. Worth every blister tho. LLGxx

Johanna said...

I'll take one of everything in the collection--even the bedazzled jumpsuit Iris wore! Alber gorgeousness.

amy b.s. said...

oh, i loved the lavin show. classy as always.

Hannah said...

i loved this collection. everything is so perfectly construted, draped and bunched. sigh..


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love this collection!


michelle_ said...

lanvin's pleating and draping is amazing . i wish i could learn to sew like that !
kudos to alber elbaz ! love that guy soo much .