Weekend Recap, in Fashion-Related Highlights

Monday, July 16, 2007

1) Actual Purchase 1: Neon pink belt, $9, from the enormous Topshop sale. It's like the whole store is discounted, though I couldn't find anything else that caught my eye.

2) Wish-I-Could-Purchase #1: Stunning Eley Kishimoto sundress (above) at Front Row on Ann Siang. Unfortunately, it is about S$900. Unfortunately, it is not even the littlest bit on sale. Sigh. Their whole spring/summer collection is completely amazing – definitely worth a click-through.

3) Actual Purchase 2: Seriously adorable top from the seriously adorable Haji Lane boutique Soon Lee. (And a wide black patent belt, which will come in handy when reigning in all the voluminous tops I bought last spring.) I loved meeting Sharon and Wei Loong, who have stocked the shop with some really stylish, highly affordable pieces. The place was hopping! Luckily, they have awesome fashion books and mags to keep you entertained when waiting for the dressing room. I'll definitely be back soon.

4) Wish-I-Could Purchase #2: I've got my eye on a gorgeous Elfenkleid top from Billet Doux, another favorite new store on Haji Lane. Maybe I'll spring for it on my first payday. Mike also scored a great pair of gray Svensson jeans there that I might have to borrow (shhh...).

5) I had a great time at the Qui Etes-Vous Polly Maggoo? screening! We had a really good crowd and the perfect number of people -- thanks so much to everyone who came out, and for the Pitch Black kids for being so on top of things (and giving me extra popcorn). Stay tuned for news about the reshowing and also for next month's film, which will be our Exciting Six-Month Anniversary Screening. (Note to Lola: The woman who is always wandering around the office asking "Where are my layouts?" is one of my favorites too.)

6) I enjoyed poking around Wood Would at The Cathay, looking for some cool cards to help spruce up the cubicle. Nothing grabbed me this time, but I really just love the happy feel of the whole shop.

7) I happily indulged in the $10 tea-and-a-10-minute shoulder massage at Mask. Seriously good deal. (They have fantastic tea.) Very nice finish to a weekend of shopping.

8) I kinda loved the newest Harry Potter flick. Which is not really fashion-related, though I find myself really wanting a hooded cape-y cloak, just like they have at Hogwart's. So dramatic!


Anonymous said...

Kishimoto is fantastic and every season I am astounded by their shape and print selection. I love this dress and especially when they mix red into dresses.

Patent belts are key!

Anonymous said...

hey Ms Spinach, thnks a million for your tremendous support! WL and I really appreciate it. :)

Jamie said...

That dress just made my day! Then, when I scrolled and saw that it cost $900...sigh. Still, a girl can dream! I am seeing Harry Potter tomorrow and I cannot wait.

Joanna Goddard said...
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Hi Ms. Spinach,
My server's not letting me click on your email so I'm leaving a comment here - please email me at as we'd love to feature some of the things you've blogged about...Thanks!