Shopping the Great Singapore Sale: Part 1

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Actually, to paraphrase the fashbash gals, 10% off storewide – which seems to be the deal a lot of stores are offering -- is not exactly a "great" sale. However, we've scored a couple of things worth mentioning.

For starters, Zara! We've trekked to almost all of them at this point, even the one in VivoCity. Because they all have slightly different stuff. Even Mike came along and scored a couple of shirts (at the Takashimaya Zara – the rest of the stores were out of his size). At last look, things were 30% off -- which is pretty good, but not great, so we're not going overboard. Still, we couldn't resist the dress above. The funky cut-out neckline seems like something we would find on a dress that is designer-made and much more expensive. (It's too bad the dress part is sorta crappy, but the neckline distracts from that enough to keep me satisfied.)

To be fair, we spotted a woman wearing this dress earlier last week and accosted her to find out its origin, so we had our eyes peeled for it when we walked in the store. Otherwise, it's such madness in Zara it can be hard to pick out the gems.

Also scored: Cute little Nike tennis outfit (note: it's 20% off if you buy from Isetan, but only 10% if you buy from the Nike store right next door). And wide-legged-y jeans from Mango, at 50% off. Pretty cute ones, too. We're obsessed with wide-legged jeans at the moment, and are wondering why more stores aren't stocking them yet?


Anonymous said...

I loved this dress for a long time, the detailing and shape are perfect. I hope whoever buys it can pull it off with some chic flats.

Anonymous said...

That dress is wonderful, great buy!
Now I'm planning to go shopping this weekend, I wonder if they stock it here in UK?