This weekend: Free cotton candy! (And cute fashion!)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nothing gets us more excited than the lure of free cotton candy (or candy floss, as they say in these parts) -- except perhaps the cotton candy itself (ooooh… sugar rush!). Which is why we're probably going to need to stop by MAAD's one year anniversary party on Saturday and Sunday (July 7-8). Well, that and all the cute things to buy.

And then Saturday night (July 7), after we get our butt kicked in tennis (and blame it on the aforementioned self-inflicted injury), we're planning on taking our sweaty self to the Rapunsale over at Loof, which runs from 4-9pm and features some of our favorite Singapore stores, including WoodWould and Style:Nordic. Plus 1-for-1 mojitos, which is almost as good as free cotton candy.
{Delicious-looking photo found here.}


Anonymous said...


Thanks for mentioning us! And we're glad that we're one of your favorites for you're very much ours as well! smiles*

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