Tennis, anyone?

Monday, July 02, 2007

I totally love Gala's guide to tennis chic, especially because I've started playing regularly in the past few months and am now obsessed with things like retro-style wristbands (found the cutest pink-striped pair at Daiso this weekend, fyi) and sporty little tennis ensembles. I also sustained a pretty ugly and highly embarrassing injury while playing this weekend (let's just say it is possible to hit yourself with your own racquet quite badly) and so all tennis-related activity for the next few days will be limited to the web-shopping kind.

I'm all about the vintage tennis aesthetic, and am currently on the lookout for an old-school racquet bag, kind of like this one on eBay (below) but even more ridiculously retro, if possible. I demand 70s-style striping! Eyes are peeled…