So close. Yet so far away. {Update: Now very close!}

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I saw this highly adorable leaf bag looking all cute on Little Birds today and immediately tracked it down to Target ($17! !!) but alas, it is sold out online. And in the Delaware store, so I can't even make my mom go find it after she returns from traipsing about Southeast Asia. Is there a kind soul who lives near a Target and would like to help out a desperate fashion lover in Singapore? (Target will tell you which stores in in your area have the bag in stock, which is very nice of them, even if their online store is woefully understocked.) I promise to paypal you the cash and shipping fees (and gas money even!) in exchange for one highly coveted leaf bag.

{Update!} Cat has scored me the leaf bag! Thanks to everyone who very kindly offered to aid my obsession; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Also a little disappointing: I really kind of wish I could catch the Justin Timberlake concert extravanganza that is currently going on in the U.S. It sounds pop-tastic! It's really been too long since I went to a show and screamed like a 14-year-old-girl. JT's new song with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado is blowing up on MTV Vietnam, and I can't get enough of it, despite the fact that they insist on playing it approximately every 15 minutes. I've been here for two days and have probably seen it 50 times, no joke. Still, I'm totally digging Nelly F.'s glam/sequin dress thing:


Unknown said...

you may wanna check if the target at bloomington, IN has it. coz i may be going down to get some stuff. no guarantees tho!

Tamar said...

that song isn't SO huge here, but i do enjoy it. timbaland bugs me for some reason, but i can't help but root for nelly furtado -- she looks gorgeous except for her hair in the outdoor scenes -- eeeeek! soccer mom hair!!!

Unknown said...

hey doll, it says they have at queens center target, and i am going over to drop off my cable crap at time warner there this weekend (getting rid of tivo, shocker!). i will check it out for you!

Ms. Spinach said...

thank you LAB! i have faith in your capable shopping ability. yay for queens!

(it's sold out in bloomington, too bad! thanks, devil.)

Anonymous said...

what an adorable little spring bag - it reminds me of the curtains Julie Andrews made into play clothes for the children in Sound of Music. Sadly, the dearth of Targets in Canada prevents me from skipping through the streets singing, 'The HILLS are alive...'

Anonymous said...

I saw someone carrying this bag while I was shopping at Anthro, and I asked her if it was an Orla Kiely bag? I too was surprised when she told me she got it at Target. It's very Orla Kiely.

Anonymous said...

I saw this at my local Target and knew I'd seen it somewhere before. I think someone other than Little Birds has posted about it. Just can't think who...

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

i have done this for you! (uh, and for me.) there is a HUGE display at the brooklyn target. now praise my shopping capabalities! and ask your mom if she will pick up the cute little blue trenchcoat when she's at Target in DE cause none of the trenches were anywhere to be SEEN in brooklyn. or, uh, i guess i could ask my mom, too.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting about this bag--I ran out and raided my Target last night :o) I'm glad you got one too--enjoy!

lindz said...

The thing that I worry about Target items is that they may fall apart... its all about quality!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the coveted bag, it looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I got that bag when I first saw it at Target, and everyone I know has asked if I got it from Anthropologie.


glad someone got it for you.

Milk and Cookies said...


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Anonymous said...

I looooooove this bag!! Unfortunately, my Target was sold out of the leaf print. I ended up with the grey circle print, which I still heart very much. Congrats on getting the uber-cute one!

Unknown said...

does anyone know where to get the bag now?


Anonymous said...

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