Pausing. Breathing. Napping.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My parents left this morning after their whirlwind Southeast Asia tour, and I'm taking the day to snuggle with kittens, catch up on deadlines and eat a massive amount of cold pasta. No, I could not be bothered to heat it up.

It was great fun to have them here, and they had a whole lot of nice, sunshine-y weather -- perfect for sporting about a variety of bright vintage dresses (like the one above) and my beloved rainbow tote, seen here enjoying a Singapore Duck boat tour. Today, I'm in jammies. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I am off to Topshop, just to see what they've been up to since I've been gone.


Unknown said...

ahh, just yesterday i was thinking what a bad, bad, bad decision it was not to buy those brown wedges and that park-slope-mom top, now that it is getting warm in nyc. why on earth did i decide to be frugal in top shop in singapore?? my credit card wouldn't have even noticed! boooo.... have you been wearing your bow flats?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thought you just got back from Vietnam? Where are all the good buys? Looking forward to seeing them! You didnt seem to have a lot of purchases from your Japan trip either. Anyway, since you are such a clothes horse, probably you could advice on how to take care of them and prolong their life span?

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your Topshop excursion. I am just waiting for the day that they open in NYC, I hear it is not far away!

I will be there everyday when it opens!

Ms. Spinach said...

LAB, you may be happy to know that I did buy the mom top (they issued it in another fabric a few weeks after your visit). It's cute! (And, ahem, not that mom-ish.) I can bring one back at the end of April if you want...

Anonymous said...



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