The Remainders of the Day: A Very Busy Friday edition

Thursday, March 15, 2007

+Thanks to everyone who signed up for movie night this evening! We are pretty much filled up, which is fantastic. {Our little surprise for one lucky audience member is this adorable pin by Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami (who was behind those multicolored LV bags a few years back, but don't hold it against him). We loved this little pin instantly—it's a cute addition to any bag/lapel/whatever. We now realize we should have bought two and kept one for ourselves. Hmmm.}

Truth be told, what we had really hoped to give away was a pair of stripey Zumreed headphones, but looked and looked and couldn't find them anywhere this time. So, the pin will have to do.

+I didn't end up adding much to my shopping buys list in Tokyo, mostly because I couldn't find too much covetable new stuff (is it possible I completely bought out Tokyo during our last jaunt? It seems it might be). The one thing I coveted was an awesome hot pink pinafore from Topshop Unique in LaForet, first seen on Facehunter being sported by the adorable Susie Bubble, but unfortunately, I have no real need for a hot pink pinafore dress in my daily life. So I passed it up. Very regretfully.

{Note to self: Must work on creating more opportunities to wear things like hot pink pinafore dresses. Ideas: Move to Tokyo? Start hanging out at some hip spots? Get more dressed up to sit on couch and watch Heroes? All worth considering.}

+Meg at Designer's Library has a great post on the various incarnations of the Goodman-Sohr household, whose design style I have coveted since I first saw it years ago in the now-defunct Budget Living magazine (best. mag. ever!). I've kept all the magazine spreads of this house and reference them often for design inspiration. So very cute.

+The one thing I do kind of want now is a set of shiny Japanese suitcases. The Travel Store in Loft in Shibuya had quite a few, but I wasn't fully smitten until I got to the airport to return home and was able to admire everyone else's spiffy luggage. Something like these maybe? In pink? I'm putting it on my wishlist.

+Today's recommended mass transit reading is this amazing article on Karl Lagerfeld from the latest New Yorker. The New Yorker's style issues are among my favorite reads all year, and this in-depth piece is no exception. (There are lots of great details, like the fact that he keeps dozens of colorful iPod nanos scattered around everywhere.) I've been on quite the Karl kick these days, and am also partway through Alicia Drake's fantastic book The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris. Highly recommended, at least through page 139. Oh Karl… what a wacky guy, in an unapologetic fashion genius kind of way.

+I'm really rather wordy today, aren't I?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I couldn't make it today due to some other commitments. But I do think that its gonna be lotsa fun! Well, do take lots of pics of the event tonight for those of us who can't be there. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I have the Heys luggage in black. I bought it when I was travelling in California & their wheels came off by the time I was in Tokyo!

PS Keep posting, I like!

Anonymous said...

I love the Lagerfeld idea of scattering Nanos around the house...unfortunately I don't have the budget. I guess the current policy of mismatched socks lurking in overlooked coreners will have to do..