Seriously verklempt. (Talk amongst yourselves!)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Many, many thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural Fashion is Spinach film night last night! We had a full house and I met lot of really cool people (despite the fact that after about five minutes of highly animated chatting, I developed a raspy Lindsay Lohan voice thing. Damn you, cold!) Anyway, we had a great time meeting some of the readers (and non-readers) who showed up, like Lynette (who is planning a Murakami tour –- the other Murakami -- of Japan, which just sounds awesome) and Grace and a bunch of very fun people who don't have blogs. The adorable Priya was the winner of the Murakami prize and collected it wearing the cutest dress (from Forever 21! I would never have guessed if she hadn't told me. Perhaps I need to start revisiting Forever 21.) Special thanks goes to Josh and the crew at Pitch Black for being such gracious hosts and also for feeding me a really delicious brownie-cheesecake concoction. We're finalizing the date for next film in the series next month and will be posting the details soon. Stay tuned!

A few important announcements:
1.Save Veronica Mars! Rumor has it the show is on the verge of cancellation, which would made me very sad. I'm intrigued by the possible new premise for a return next season, which would jump the plotline four years into the future and make Veronica an FBI agent. (Logan and Duncan would get the boot, but that's probably a good thing, what with the weird illegitimate baby subplots and all.)

2.I am proud to report that Hugh Hefner's main bunny and I have the same lifelong goal: To visit every Disneyland in the world. (Seriously, the article kind of blows it off like it's a bad/frivolous/dumb thing. Has the writer never been to Disneyland?) I have two parks left on my list – somewhat ironically, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the two cities I visit most frequently – but I'm hoping to reach this major triumph by the end of the year. At the very least, it's something to chat about if I ever make it to the Grotto.

3.My parents are arriving! We're off to Vietnam on Monday morning, which means the posting will be light and the shopping will be heavy. I hear Ho Chi Minh is fantastic for shopping. The last time I went to Vietnam (to Hanoi, about two years ago), I came back with so many gorgeous bamboo bowls that I haven't even unwrapped them all yet. That is not an exaggeration.

4.Back to the fash for the minute: I stopped off at a branch of Mphosis here in Singapore yesterday, and wanted to recommend it if you're looking to get on the transparent purse trend this season. They had cute little see-through purses reminiscent of Chanel's new "Naked" bag but much, much cheaper. And a few clear lucite bangles too, which wins our vote for the coolest trendy item you could adopt this spring.

5.Okay, I'm off to Swiffer aggressively (see number 3) and drink tea (lest anyone start mistaking me for a rehabbing teen movie queen). See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Long Island is neither long, nor an island. Discuss.

The two parks on my list are Hong Kong and DisneyWORLD. It's not a frivolous goal, I think it's a healthy, attainable one.

Swiffer is teh best.

Anonymous said...

Your movie nights sounds wonderfully fun. I wish they have Forever 21 here in the UK, the clothing seems trendy and affordable. I am coveting lucite jewellery.

Anonymous said...

Aw... I would've drawn a prettier design to match your theme if not my limited art skills! I'm looking forward to the next films you've got lined up (didn't get to watch "intern" cause I'm PB's crew, heh)!

Anonymous said...



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