For Those of You in Singapore… {Updated! Again!}

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

…well, get out that calendar, because the next few weeks are packed with stuff. Lots of shopping stuff. (And a little bit of dancing stuff.)

But first: I'm pretty sure no one does Christmas better (or cuter) than the Scandinavians, so I was thrilled to get an e-mail from Style:Nordic, which is all decked out for the holidays Swedish-style. Does it not look like the cutest Christmas stuff ever? I mean, are those gnomes? I love a good gnome.

Okay, then. Back to the calendar. We start with:
*Friday, Dec. 1 to Dec. 3: Hansel sample sale! A very reliable source just proclaimed designer Jo Soh to be the top fashion talent in Singapore, and now you can get her pieces at a reduced price. Hurrah!

*Saturday, Dec. 2: Shopaholic Aristocrats is returning to Graze. The last one was quite fun and intensely stylish. Wear your Marni.

*Saturday, Dec. 3: Salad is having a sale over on Haji Lane from 2pm to 7pm. 20 percent off if you have the coupon! (Do you need the coupon?) I saw them stocking lots of cute new Christmas-y and home stuff a while back, so I don't think I'll be able to resist.

*Tues.-Wed., Dec. 5-6: The Fancy Faire will be going on a the Orchard Hotel. And! Imeda will be there with what we suspect will be some lovely things.

*Sat., Dec. 9: Zouk Out! (Is it just me, or do you also always hear those words to the tune of "Freak Out!"? Um.) This is not exactly a fashion event per se, but I am using the all-night dance party on Sentosa as an excuse to debut a new and slightly silver-y vintage minidress, and so, it kinda is. For me, at least. Anyway. we're also very, very excited to see Astreal again, because they rock. (And the lead singer, Ginette Chittick, is a fashion designer. So there you go.)

*{New! And new date!} Sunday, Dec. 10: Suzanne at Swirl Boutique at 02-05 Stamford House just dropped me a note to share what they're doing next weekend, which I love. It's called "Swirl Swap Swop." and they're inviting you to clean out your closet and bring any unwanted old clothes down to the store next Sunday at 2pm. The first 30 girls who register (send them a note to sign up and get more details) will get to dump their clothes into a big pile and then pick out whatever they might want from everyone else. Sounds like fun! We've got half a mind to sign up ourselves, but the cleaning out the closet task might be sliiiiightly too difficult for us. You've seen our wardrobe. It's immense. We hope to at least go and enjoy watching the others, however.

Suzanne was too polite to mention this outright, but it's probably worth pointing out that if you're participating, you should try to bring along things that other people might like, and not your Grandma's old t-shirts. You know what I mean?

*Sat., December 16: Rapunsale at Loof, the fantastic rooftop bar over by Raffles. Lots of great vendors and two-for-the-price-of-one drinks. This just may be my favorite upcoming event, because of the sellers (Books Actually!, The Asylum!) and also because of the very cool invite.

Oh yeah, and I'm also looking forward to the move of Déjà Vu Vintage to the Meritus Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road in December. Mostly because I could never get myself over to the original shop, which was kind of a shame because they seem to have lots of cute stuff. Stay tuned for more on that!

What have I missed? Please leave it in the comments. I like being busy.


Anonymous said...

(yes i need the salad coupon please!)

and i'm really glad you like the christmas cards. :) happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

What have you missed? Darlin' it sounds like you aren't missing anything living in a country that clearly lives up to its rep as a "shopper's paradise." or is it "fried rice paradise?" but i digress.

Lucky lucky you... I can't wait for my next visit! And when the time comes, you can bet I'll be taking notes from your blog for tips and locations.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Well I am extremely jealous and I wish I could go shopping in Singapore. I hope you get many worthwhile things!

Anonymous said...

a love/hate affair - I love reading your blog but I hate finding out about all these things I'm missing out on not being at home! bleah pfft!


thank you for the mention, ms. spinach. :) Now I really have to dress up for the fair. ;-)

Anonymous said...

SGSellTrade's fleas on the 16th and 23rd Dec!

Anonymous said...

The Gnomes are called Nisser in Danish. pronounced (Nissa). And they are everywhere around the holidays in Denmark. I love them too. One year, one of the department stores filled their windows with "Dirty" Nisser showing off their bums and tata's.

maki ♥ squarepatch said...

maybe the MAAD booths at Takashimaya's iFourum on 16, 17, 23, 24 Dec? :D the works of indie singaporeans artists and designers.

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