Rats. Foiled Again.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've actually been really good lately about not spending money. Well, until I bought that bag last weekend. And then the sweater immediately afterwards. And there was that whole buy-as-many-tunics-as-you-can-carry India trip thing. And the digital camera I pre-ordered today. Er. But! Otherwise, I've been very good, so much so that I haven't even bought anything from Amazon lately, even though there are quite a few books I desperately want/need. Such a fine line.

Anyhoo. I was out today and thought I'd pop into Topshop to see what was new. I've decided recently that you can never own enough empire-waisted jersey dresses, but my Rachel Pally one is far too nice for everyday, running-around usage, and I have less and less hope for the almost universally panned Target version, still on its way. Unfortunately, Topshop is no longer carrying any good jersey dresses. But they did have this:

Topshop kimono flat, about $50. It was available in white in my size, and in black not in my size (they didn't even bother to stock it; a size 10 is considered shockingly gargantuan in Singapore). Which was horribly disappointing because white shoes generally make me feel like a nurse, but black shoes – now those I need. [Even though I have two pairs of black flats under my bed right now. Both have proven to be completely non-comfy and so under the bed they will likely remain.] I'm going to stalk some of the other Topshops in the city to see if it can't be found.

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