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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I know I've mentioned how smitten I am with Zara's current fall collection, a gorgeous mix of voluminous cuts, great silky prints, 60s-style coats and perfect ballet slippers. Mike had to work late last night, so I took myself on a very nice date, which involved conveyor belt sushi (which I love), finding this terrific fashion photo book (for just $15!), and checking out what's new at Zara. (Mike showed up at the end of my date with myself, just in time to buy me Fashion Babylon, the buzzed-about tell-all about the fashion industry. I really didn't want to like this book, but I read five pages standing around in Borders and was totally hooked. I have barely been able to put it down since.)

Anyway, Zara. I was thinking of doing a little dressing room photo shoot of all my favorite pieces, until I realized that if I tried on all the skirts and dresses and tops I love right now, I would probably not be able to resist buying several -- or most -- of them. I'm trying hard not to overshop too much, see. So instead, I just picked one piece to try -- this silky kimono-style dress with a fantastic (if somewhat complicated) obi belt:

It's about $150 or so. There's a bubble-ish skirt in a circle print with a similar palette that is my favorite piece in the whole collection; I wanted to try that on as well but couldn't find an appropriate top to pair it with. In the end, I usually go with dresses anyway. They are so much easier to wear -- you don't need to worry about matching tops and bottoms and their cuts and colors and… you get the point, I'm sure.


Abby said...

That kimono dress is amazing! I was in London in July and was also very impressed with Zara's fall arrivals. I especially liked the '60's Jackie wool coats.

Claudie said...

The dress is just lovely - and hooray for dresses in general. Read Fashion Babylon a few days ago (so riveting I couldn't go to bed until it was finished) and now feel a bit illusionally shattered. I think it was the Marks and Spencer shirt thing that got to me most.
Finally, I lerve your blog and have linked to it - hope that's okay.

Anonymous said...

I love Zara's fall collection too! Just bought a steal of a dress at SGD60 at their sale racks today. Thanks for the comment, and Fashion Nation has linked you up! We'd be absolutely flattered if you would want to link us up too.

Anonymous said...

Love this Zara dress on you; I hope you bought it :) I forgot to mention that I love kimono tops as well (was on an obi belt hunt last season).

The one thing I don't enjoy about Zara is the poor quality stitching. One wear and the hems all fall out which means an evening of hand-stitching repairs by me. Also, if it's a silk-cotton blend, DRY CLEAN ONLY! I handwashed one such blouse and it all went pear-shaped. Not happy, for an item that I paid over S$100 for :( Similarly, one of the side pockets in my boiled wool overcoat ripped within a few days of my wearing it. Give me handstitching and quality tailoring from the good old days anytime! (happy to buy less clothes and keep the good)


Ms. Spinach said...

Nope, I didn't get the dress. (Though it still calls to me whenever I walk into the store.) I'm -- somewhat unfortunately, for my closet -- trying to stick to a budget right now.

I know what you mean about Zara -- I have learned to pick my pieces there very carefully. I won't buy cotton tees or anything that has to be washed after every use (this rule applies to places like H&M and Topshop as well). I only stick to items that don't have to be cleaned very regularly, like skirts, jackets and higher-quality pants.

And if I have any doubts about its chances in the washing machine, I have it dry-cleaned. Period. (Or I just never wash it. For example, my jeans. They may be dirty, but they still have their original feel.)

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