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Monday, April 19, 2010

The fun kids at HP invited me to hang out with them at Shecky's Night Out here in D.C. last week (which you might've seen from my animated tweeting over on my Twitter page.) In anticipation of the SATC 2 movie and the upcoming movie ticket giveaway, they'd created a huge closet stocked with Manolos and sleek stylish laptops. I got to play around with a new Touchsmart tm2 notebook (touchpads! so cool!), which was especially great because I had a fleet of personal tutors to help me figure out all its neat little tricks.

Hanging out with the pretty flowered Touchsmart tm2... It transforms from a standard laptop to a slim touchpad, with an attached pen.

We got a little goofy. This is my "senior portrait" photo with the Touchsmart... BFF.

The Manolos were, sadly, glued down. I hope with nothing permanent.

There was a fun little photo booth where you could get your pic on the SATC poster...

The line for the photo booth was insanity!

Shecky's was incredibly crowded...

People shopped their little hearts out. (Including me!)

Thanks for the fun, HP!

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Indigo said...

Ah I love the film <3 Indigo x