Day = Made.

Monday, April 19, 2010

When I was at the Mrs. Obama Smithsonian inauguration dress donation last month, I got the scoop that Mrs. O was wearing Prabal Gurung (aka my favorite!) at the event and tweeted the news during the press conference. And then (small heart attack) Prabal tweeted back within minutes, asking for a Twitpic.

That alone was enough to make my month. But then I see (again via Twitter, because I'd barely cracked open the issue) that the new May Vogue has a little write-up about Prabal being tipped off to the dress-wearing via tweet. Which I'm like 99.9 percent sure was my tweet. Which is kind of insanely awesome.

Twitter! Bringing people together! And getting you (sort of) into Vogue! Whee.


Miriam Korula said...

lol...i hope it was your message that tipped him off...will quickly follow you on twitter (wasn't doing it already :(...i must have missed so many tips...;)..i just love your blog...

Matrioshka said...

That is so awesome! I feel like you should add that to your resume or something....

Heather Featherstone said...

That is amazing! What a coup for you!

doob said...

that. is pretty awesome.

straight or gay, man or woman, fashionhead or not, you can appreciate that kind of awesomeness.

anyway, i'm a guy that is, for the most part, unrelated to fashion, but i find some interesting value looking at you ladies' fashion blogs. and now that i've just read Hawes' contrast, i'm more of a style head anyway.

i came here after I read the intro to Ms Hawes' Fashion in Spinach, and went googling for info on her before I fwd'd the book onto my stylist friends. behold, a domain dedicated to her? hmm.

i had to click because i enjoy (digital)vintage ephemera like Fashion in Spinach, and must explore who else does.

in case you are interested in the link to the book, avail from the Internet Archive (if you don't already have such a link to share):

@dwbl, from san francisco.

and nice to hear about the new Ogilvy position - they have a dedicated social media team? this is in DC?

and.. you're a photographer? just got my attention there. me = aspiring young professional.

anyway. ciao.

Vivian said...

I really like the table setting photo. That is a mighty collection of bottles.

And who can ever pass up a picture of little kittens? =)