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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because of a teensy misunderstanding, I had yesterday's major giveaway announcement all wrong. (It's since been corrected, but I thought I'd update you again, just so we're all clear and so no one misses out on anything awesome.)

1. This Wed.-Thurs., Shecky's Girls Night Out — a traveling little bazaar of cool fashion, accessories and lifestyle vendors — pops into D.C., and the fun kids behind HP's high-style spring collection of slick little laptops and awesome touchpads (and insanely super-fancy touchpads) come along with it. I'll be at the HP booth on Wednesday night, from about 5-10pm (along with awesome fellow blogger Makeda of the Glamazon Diaries!), tweeting, snapping pix and playing with their new laptop line. (I suspect he HP team might have to pry the pretty Vivienne Tam mini from my hands at the end of the night. Because if there's one thing I love almost as much as shoes, it's fun new techy stuff.)

If you're at the Shecky's party, be sure to come say hi! (Or, if you want to get tix, find details here.)

2. Oh, but that's not all! The HP crew is also inviting me — and four lucky readers — to a special pre-screening of Sex and the City 2 here in D.C. (date and time TBD). I might have to insist that (if the winners are cool with it, of course) we get dressed up Carrie-style (or, if more appropriate to some winners, Stanford-style), drink fancy drinks and make a big ol' fun night of it. To enter to win a SATC 2 advance ticket, be sure to enter your name in the comments over here. Good luck!

Thoughts? Questions? Squeeeee-ing? Leave 'em in the comments below.


nicole.c.l said...

Actually, I am really in need of a new laptop! I had at little HP and loved it but it was a victim of snowpocolypse (snow leaked in the balcony door, computer was on the carpet... I don't like to talk about it). Is there any chance of laptop giveaways down the line?

Ms. Spinach said...

i will pass on your tale of woe, in hopes of melting some hp hearts into agreeing to a giveaway! because really, it sounds just tragic. i don't blame you -- i wouldn't talk about it either.

Vyque said...

wish I could make it tomorrow night instead of Thurs, we must meet up again soon!

Veronica said...

I would LOOOVE to attend the SATC 2 advance screening. I call dressing as Charlotte. Oh hell, I'll dress as any of them ;)

Veronica said...

I've been to two Shecky's Girls Night Out events and loved both. The goody bags are so awesome. Trashy romance novels? Check!

I'd love to attend the SATC2 screening!

B. Jones Style said...

Betsy.. Thanks for stopping by my new site! I have always loved your blog and appreciate your support!!!


Unknown said...

I am waiting to see more your posts and photos

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