On the Road Again...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey, remember me? Your 2010 leading candidate for Worst Blogger Ever? Suffice it to say, these last few weeks have been something of a crazy time in Spinachland. (A crazy, mostly good time, but -- I offer as example -- because of some very intense projects I've been working on, the day of my last post, May 23, was my last day off until this weekend. That is 25 days straight of 14-hour days. I'm tired just thinking about it.) Some day, we'll have a beer and I'll tell you all about it.

In the meantime! My goal is to be less of a delinquent blogger, starting now. Truthfully, this is always one of my least favorite times of year to write about fashion -- the stores have pretty much the dregs of spring sale stuff, plus some pre-fall stuff, but who wants to think about sweaters when it's 90 degrees out? But here's a few things of note lately:

-- The adorable Jamie of The Beauty of Life blog did a fun q&a with me in which I had to name my favorite beauty and fash stuff (for example: Benefit Erase Paste = life-changing in the quest to hide undereye circles).

-- It was my birthday yesterday! I thought maybe I'd get some fancy shoes, but -- thanks to the aforementioned June shopping issues, which I face every year -- I opted to get myself an iPad instead. (Happy birthday to meeee.) The gals took me out for ridiculous country line dancing escapades, which was beyond awesomely fun, and not just 'cause I got to wear cute cowboy boots.

-- I have been working a lot in Houston lately, which is not overwhelmingly exciting, except for Neiman Marcus. Going to Neiman Marcus in Texas is like going to Prada in Italy. On the home turf, everything is bigger and fancier and better stocked. (And incidentally, if anyone has any Houston shopping/dining/etc tips, I'd love them. I'm ready to move on from the Galleria -- aka Biggest. Mall. Ever! -- and would love to check out new spots.)

--No, I could not resist a cowboy picture.

--OK, more soon. The iPad beckons, as does the new fall/winter issue of Vogue Collections. Whee.


DWJ said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the iPad! I hope you'll share apps and wonderful things you find, I'm always searching for something new and great for my iPad (Pierre). Oh and check out the Office Stylist blog, she did a great series of iPad accessories!

Matrioshka said...

Glad to have you back in the blogging world!

Elle said...

So jealous you're in my hometown of Houston! My favorite places to shop in town are Rice Village - an area boasting streets and streets of great shops.

It has everything from a MAC Pro Store to Urban Outfitters, but the real gems are the independent boutiques and restaurants. My favorites are British Isles, The Bead Shop and J. Hampton.

As for food in the Village, I like Antone's (best subs - be sure to get it toasted!), Le Peep - best brunch in the city, Mi Luna for tapas, and Benjy's for a fancy drink.

Another fashion haunt: Highland Village:

It has more upscale fast fashion stores like Anthropologie, Lululemon and Soma, as well as one of my favorites, Paper Source!

But, I have to say my favorite place to shop in the whole city is Westheimer in the Montrose District. It boasts blocks and blocks of vintage and thrift stores, including furniture & decor, as well as some chains like Buffalo Exchange, Wish and American Apparel. While winding your way (on foot - an actual pedestrian friendly spot!) through the mounds of thrift stores, be sure to check out Couture Blowout for high end thrift, Pixie & Ivy for treasures from overseas, Mint, and Bluebird Circle and The Guild Shop for great unique home stuff!

Just a few blocks away is the Landmark River Oaks Theatre - a must see! It's been there since the 20s and shows great indie films in an atmosphere like the way it used to be. During the summer they have great midnight movies too on weekends, like Rocky Horror and Robocop! Those are always a blast and worth a trip.

Have fun and good luck! Hope this helps get you out of your Galleria rut!

kim said...

Hey, happy belated birthday!

Liberty London Girl said...

I know the feeling! Happy birthday & Happy i-pading LLgxx

mcgomr7 said...

I'll have to check out that Benefit Erase Paste-- right now though, i LOVE the stuff LeChance makes, and it's a really small, not well known company... okay, my 80 year old grandmother uses it, but she really knows her stuf:. Each pot of foundation is just $13, and it lasts FOREVER because you just need a smudge for full coverage. Just wanted to pass on one of my favorites! Love reading your blog! :)

I Turner said...

Happy Birthday! your trips to Neiman Marcus sound very exciting and love the cowboy picture.
Look forward to more posts soon.

Anonymous said...

happy bday!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday! i would love an iPad too :(

down on the bayou said...

Ms. Spinach, normally I enjoy your blog and twitter feed, but lately your jibes about New Orleans - considering all that the city's been through- are a real downer. Please give it a rest!

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Michelle said...

i just found your blog and looked at some old posts! let me know if you choose to come back to blogging. id love to read what you write.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Leo!

Tabitha said...

Huh. You and my husband share the same birthday!

Hope (one month later) you're still enjoying the iPad. Would love to see your recommended/favorite apps sometime!

Ms. Spinach said...

@down on the bayou,

trust me, i meant no disrespect! i've been lucky enough to spend some time these past few months in southern Lousiana. i am endlessly fascinated with the bayou -- and life on the bayou -- and I only tweet about it because i've loved it.

but, you're in luck, i've not been able to go there for a few weeks. no bayou references for me. :(