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Monday, August 04, 2008

Here are a few images from Friday's Washington Post Express piece: It was one of my favorite stories to work on in recent memory, not only because I had so much fun styling the cover shot (above), but because it was a shopping challenge about putting together a complete outfit solely from thrift, secondhand, and vintage stores. Heaven! That's my finished look below. And, yes, that's my new $7.50 Diane von Furstenberg dress.


FB @ said...

That is so cool!!!!!!!

Ms. Dip said...

Yay, Ms. Spinach!! The story looks fantastic -- you're a thrifting and styling pro. :) And I can't believe you got that dress for $7.50. Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! Congrats again!

Anthea said...

What a great outfit. That dress is dreamy. It's a very audrey outfit :) Congrats

Stella said...

You know, I usually try to not project hate or jealousy, BUT COME ON! You're practically welcoming it by finding a $7.50 DVF dress!


Great finds! I need to do some thrift/flea market shopping myself, now that I finally have a job! (Again.)

Anonymous said...

The shoes and sunglasses make my day. Adorable pattern on the dress!

Gabby said...

That dress is probably one of the best finds of the century! The entire outfit is so lovely and looks like it costs 10 times that much. Note to self: make Goodwill run...soon.

Hid said...

Hey Betsy! Hid here, marketing for VISCION sometime last year? :) Anyways, Washington, which part of States is that? I never thought you could thrift in the US. Besides FOS that is. Until now, it seemed to me that AU was the best place for thrifting.

Righteous (re)Style said...

Brilliant. You are a vintage shop goddess. But, oh no, the Georgia ave. thrift is now going to be overrun with fashionistas! I better hurry!

Stacy said...

$7.50 Diane von Furstenberg? Seriously? Where?

Viva La Style said...

I shop consignment all the time and I love that you did a story on the really awesome things you can get for less money.

Anonymous said...

$7.50! $7.50! It's like that scene in Breaking Away where the dad is all, Refund? Refund? Come to London so we can go shopping and you can spread your magic charm all over our afternoon?

Daniela Valdez said...

I love your outfit!

Eyeliah said...

cool work!!

Anonymous said...

This dress is amazing, wish i'd found it! Never get the time to thrift shop or for that matter shop at all, thank god for internet shopping ( atleast I can shop from my desk!

Always In Style said...

Fab outfit - nice work!

Anonymous said...

Swoon! Great job. I am definitely linking to this on my blog. My readers would love to see the art of thrifting at its finest.

And you did such a perfect job of creating a look that exudes luxury at can't beat prices. Yipppeee!

I pretty much shop thrift, second hand and discount. And I get the most compliments when I wear vintage. I could wear the latest "it" whatever and not turn a head.

Phone with a Cord said...

whoa I am insanely jealous. Dvf is my go-to!

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