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Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a busy, busy day here in Spinach HQ, only compounded by the fact that I popped by the magazine store today – News World on the north side of Farragut Square, which always has the latest mags waaaay before anyone else – and they had the new In Style (Rihanna and a long-awaited redesign!), Harper's Bazaar (Jessica Biel, eh) and Marie Claire (love that Maggie Gyllenhaal). Okay, and also US Weekly, which I totally bought for poolside reading this weekend. Gyllenspoon! Brangelina! No, I cannot get enough.

For now, you can find me elsewhere at the following locations:
+My Project Runway recap over on the Washingtonian. I nearly died when Austin came skipping across the street in his little scarf. {I also have a play-by-play version, in the style of my Gossip Girl recaps, that I'll be posting here later today.}

+A Q&A with Armani beauty guru Tim Quinn, who was in DC earlier this month. {Loved him! And honestly, within days of adopting a few of his beauty suggestions, a friend asked what I was doing to my skin because she thought it looked amazing. So, thank you, Tim. You might make a beauty devotee out of me yet!}

+And of course, my weekly fashion event picks at both Washingtonian and Lucky mag. {Sigh. RIP, Pop.}

+Back soon with an exciting giveaway!


Stella said...

I saved that makeup article! I need to start wearing SPF outside the beach...I live in Puerto Rico, I should have been using it since I was born. :P

DC Fashion Gal said...

Good magazine finds! Maggie Gyllenhaal is great in the latest Marie Claire. Love the recap of Project Runway on Washingtonian! My favorite to win right now is Kelli. Her dress was amazing. Enjoy the tabloids poolside this weekend!

Anonymous said...

OOh, what tips did Tim give? My skin so needs a 'pick me up'!

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