Happiness is…

Sunday, July 20, 2008

this movie, quite obviously. As soon as I saw the trailer, I was smitten. If it's not in a theater near you (grumble, DC, grumble}, it's out on DVD next month. I cannot wait. Via the lovely One Good Bumblebee blog.


Candice said...

It was in DC for a while (in late Spring).

Good flick.

Anonymous said...

super funny.

j'taimee said...

This movie looks hilarious! I can't wait - thanks for the head's up.

Kiki said...

yep-- it was at E street a couple of months ago and it is PRECIOUS. loved it!

Ms. Spinach said...

i stand corrected. i'm still waiting impatiently for the dvd!

Stacy said...

I love this movie! I saw it at the film festival in Seattle last year. SOOOO GOOD!

Jen Sc said...

Oh, i've heard of this movie! I wanted to see it too!

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful movie ... certainly worth a watch.

Unknown said...

It's a great movie. I caught it a few months ago at the behest of a friend and I left the movie floating on a cloud of happiness! I had the chance to hear the director and writer speak prior to watching the movie and it certainly sounded then as if he had poured his heart into the show (7 years in the making) and it definitely showed.

Definitely worth a watch! said...

I saw it. LOVED! said...

I saw it. LOVED!

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