The big winners! Plus, other stuff.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks everyone for entering the big book drawing. I wish I had books and smokey eye kits for all of you! Unfortunately, I do not. Boo. But, here are the winners!

The copy of the book goes to Ms. Dip! (Full disclosure: Ms. Dip is one of my Very Favorite People Who I Used to Live in China With Who Now Lives in Bulgaria and someday, we also aspire to start a Fashion Referee show where we issue red cards to style violations on the street. Wouldn't that be so much fun? But I digress.)

The smokey eye kit goes to Elena in Washington! Elena, drop me a note so you can get started on your glam eyes.

There's another contest coming *almost immediately!* In the meantime, may we offer:

+Some fun DC events happening this weekend! We're hoping to pop by both the Listopad party and the Lily Lily! event.

+My weekly Project Runway recap! It's leathah.

+The wonderful bubble photo above, which was found here. It seems like the perfect day to get out there and blow some, no?

3 comments : said...

Wow, gorgeous photo! Thanks for posting it!

Ms. Dip said...

Woah woah WOAH. Are you SERIOUS?! I can't believe it!! Thank you for picking me and for the super-generous plug! Can't wait to read the book! You RULE, Ms. Spinach. EEEK!

And which C-or-D list star do we call immediately to host our fashion referee series on BRAVO?

Anonymous said...

Great visuals!