Today's Mass Transit Read: A Look at Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

There's nothing I enjoy reading more than a meaty profile article, particularly ones on fashion personalities. A co-worker told me I'd love this Marc Jacobs piece by the supremely talented Amy Larocca from the New York magazine archives—and she was absolutely right. It's completely riveting: lots of great details and very candid, unexpected comments from Marc, which I found totally refreshing.

I offer as an example:

On this July morning, he’s just back from a vacation that included a trip to the Venice Biennale and Art Basel, and he’s realized that his nose is too congested to approve the box of fragrance sitting in the corner. (He’s signed off on it, anyway. “I’ll smell it when I can,” he says, shrugging.)

Also, just because of where I live, I found this pretty amusing:

It is up to Jacobs to field reporters’ questions in the crush and swarm of the after-show, to say “Blue Lagoon” a thousand times when asked about inspiration, to sign dozens of autographs for Asian journalists with no compunction about acting like teenage fans.


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Unknown said...

i just love him.