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Thursday, November 12, 2009

...Nostalgic: I've really been loving the retro, ladylike vibe at Club Monaco this season, but even more so now that I see their fall lookbook cover (above, top) riffs on one of my favorite vintage photographs by midcentury shutterbug Nina Leen.

...Inspired: Years ago, when I was a just a young'un editor at a certain New York fashion magazine, I worked for awhile with a friendly, fun guy named Fran who soon after had a terrible diving accident that left him paralyzed. We didn't know each other well, but I always hoped that he ended up okay. And now, he has an amazing story and an incredible cult-favorite skincare line. (With really beautiful packaging to boot!) I'm in awe. {Photo via Paper's Beautiful People List.)

...Greedy: Because I really, really, reallllly want one or two (or five) of Iacoli & McAllister's mini-pedestals, even though I already have plenty of cake stands and absolutely no use for any more. They're just. So. Pretty!

...Giddy: Um, can I just pause for a minute and say I am a huge Glee-head, and I kind of had a small, happy heart attack when they sang "Defying Gravity" last night (although it did not help that we had to wait two extra weeks for the episode to air, no thanks to the World Series... grumble...) I just saw Wicked again in NYC a few weeks ago; it's my veryvery favorite...

...Giggly: Have I mentioned that Regretsy might be the best website of all time? It has made me laugh so hard, I've cried. (For example: this mermaid hair clip...) Go forth and giggle.


Unknown said...

That Regretsy is hysterical! I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago + every time I revisit it, I have a good chuckle.


Luxe. said...

Those first two pictures are gorgeous.x