Love, Love, Love: It's Almost Friday! Edition

Thursday, November 19, 2009

1. Longtime readers know that it is basically a given that I will gush over the work of midcentury architectural photographer Julius Shulman (above, below) every few months. (A. May. Zing.) I was practically kicking myself for very nearly missing the local E Street Cinema run of the new documentary on Shulman's work, VIsual Acoustics. (I managed to snag tix to the very final screening tonight. Phew.) It's also playing in select theaters around the country, which hopefully will save a few of you some, er, panicked ticket-buying.

2. Carine & co. at Paris Vogue featured the awesome paint-splattered Groove Move Swatch watch ($55) in their latest issue, sending me into an immediate fervent search to track it down. Which I did. Whee.

3. One of the very best books that's come across my desk recently is Walker Lamond's Rules for my Unborn Son, based off his adorably inspiring blog of the same name. (I also did a q&a with him over here, if that is something that would interest you.) I love the book's thoroughly vintagey look, not to mention Walker's clever rules for a well-lived, well-mannered life. Such as: "Unless you served, no fatigues" and "Don't sabotage the family portrait. Smile please." Highly recommended for all your holiday gift-giving needs.

4. You could say I have a, um, serious fixation on faux fur jackets. (Every time I head to the thrift store lately, I seem to return with one. Or four.) They're just so perfectly retro-glam over little dresses or the fallback jean/tee combo. If you're not a thrifter, this Urban Outfitters option (above) pretty much does the vintagey trick.

5. Currently at the top of my Christmas list: jammie onesies! What are YOU asking Santa for?


Unlikely You said...

Luv the swatch watch

Elle said...

The faux fur is lovely! Do you have suggestions for the best thrift stores to find furs in DC? I've been on the look out for a while but haven't been so successful, and it sounds like you have!

Anonymous said...

onesies are awesome!!

F <-- two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

Sarah Whitney said...

Um, I'm totally with you on the onesies... those are too freakin cute!

supermarket sarah said...

i can't get enough stripes!
x supermarket sarah

Gant Knitwear said...

Stunning photos! I love that brown coat. It is adorable!