Things that Make Me Go Ooooooh, part 67

Saturday, November 08, 2008

As you might be suspecting, balancing ye olde blog and the new day job is tough. Sure, there are time constraints, but mostly, all my I-have-to-have-this! thoughts that would normally go here are now being directed towards the job. Take, for example, these Charley Harper books that just debuted at Old Navy last weekend (and, um, popped up in yesterday's Post Express Styles section). I fell in love with Charley Harper when his retrospective book was released last year – but, at $200 (or a still-high $126 on Amazon), the price was a little hard to swallow. Now, you can buy a limited edition set of Harper-illustrated kids' books and games at Old Navy for pennies. Well, dollars. (I think all the products are $15 or less.) I'm bummed because my local Old Navy didn't have them in stock when I showed up the other day, but I'm hoping to get my hands on some, stat. Too. Cute!


Adina M Zamora-Gonzalez said...

I bought this book and love it soooo much, it is totally worth it. I hope your day job is great, good luck

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kwana said...

These look adorable. A great holiday gift.

Anonymous said...

Squeeeeee! What could be better than gorgeous renditions of exotic animals?

Katy said...

Those books look adorable! I love picture books. However, that is not my reason for commenting! Rather, I'm narcissistic enough to think that if I tell you that I wore a bow blouse today and I'm telling you that because I know you love them, you won't think I'm a fool. :-) And even though this post is muddled and long, I'm not a spammer!

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Nicole Then said...

haha, it definitely make me go "Ooohhhh!"

Anonymous said...

great segnalation!

Anonymous said...

I love this book so much and his work that I will be getting a tattoo soon of one of his squirrels.

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