The best remedy for a rainy Monday*

Monday, June 16, 2008

You *must* check out Daddy Likey's Poetry for Prada contest. The fashion haiku entries are laugh-out-loud fantastic. Here are a few of the contest examples:

O Marc, you could turn
a trashbag into couture!
I think you did once.

Karl Lagerfeld,
You scare the shit out of me.
Please take off the gloves.

And that's just the beginning... Go! Think of clever wordplay! Win!

*The second best remedy is a picture of the sunshiney boardwalk at the beach. Just in case the haiku thing didn't tickle your fancy.


Selena said...

I now have fashion Haiku running rampant through my head. This is probably the best use of poetry ever invented! Here where my two haiku;

Here is the college
student, stuck in a quandary,
rent or a Fendi?

Jimmy Jimmy Choo
why are you, hiding out at
Sake’s Fifth Avenue?

TPWP said...

Sunshiney boardwalk at the beach at the corner of which you can get Boardwalk Fries!!!!! AWESOME way to get through a rainy Monday, imagining eating a bucket of those :)

Anonymous said...

rehoboth?? loves it.

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

Oh sweet. I totally entered that contest. Thanks for the heads up! -the DCGF

Generation Next said...

Hello my hometown! :) Aw, I miss it now.

pearl said...

LOL hilarious contest! Its got me thinking in haiku now.

Here's my entry:

Alexander Wang
Inspired by Saved by the Bell
Girls swoon over thee.

leslie and pam said...

so funny! i learned about haikus this year and our teacher made us read ours infront of the class... so emberassing.

Lee said...

Oh, high-waisted pants,
Why do you elude me so?
I look like a clown.

Yay for the Delaware beach love!

Stacy said...

Are you in Delaware. Two stores down from the salt water taffy place is a Choc. store that makes the best peanut butter chocolate covered pretzels - ever!

Anonymous said...

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