Introducing: Share With the Group Fridays!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've been pretty unsuccessful with keeping up regular features on this blog, mostly due to my incredibly short attention span. But this one I'm pretty excited about, because I have a feeling many of you are savvy shoppers with some serious style (or serious style aspirations). And so, we'll be asking a fun question on Fridays and strongly encouraging y'all to post your answers in the comments. Now, we're not going to make you Share With the Group or anything – we realize that some of you just prefer to watch silently, or perhaps have jobs/lives/other commitments that prohibit such involvement – but we do recognize that Share With the Group Fridays are only as good as the group that participates and so we say: pleeease?

Also, it would be kind of embarrassing if only one person commented. Kind of like attending a school dance where you stand alone by the refreshment table and kind of bop to the music by yourself. Sigh.

Anyway, Share With the Group Friday #1: What was the last thing you bought?

I'll start: I was just out on a mini-spree and scooped up the following: elbow-length mittens from Topshop (finally! my elbow-length mitten dream can be realized!), little plastic travel bottles from the newly expanded Muji at Bugis Junction (I am obsessed with having a matchy travel kit) and (another) vintage kimono from House of Japan. (Addendum: I'm actually in Bali right now -- I wrote this before I left so you'd have something to read in my beachy absence -- and am stocking up on lots and lots of wooden bangle bracelets.) What about you?

{Also: An evil petting zoo? Hee.}


Anonymous said...

My last purchase was this little black dress from Dorothy Perkins, which will be good for work/parties/whatever, plus a couple of long-sleeved tees and a pair of glittery tights, from the same store. Oh, and a cocktail ring. I'm all about the cocktail rings right now!

Fairly boring, I'm afraid, but a good basic.

Anonymous said...

well, being in nyc for a short spell, i am of course doing a little shopping.

i found an oversized orla kiely bag of mary poppins proportions that has a red print with white flowers. i've always adored her work and her mid-century and mod.

and i snagged a red dinosaur designs resin cocktail ring, from their boutique in nolita. i always wanted something from their shop, but never purchased anything from there when i lived here.

today, tomorrow, sunday: more shopping! :P

Unknown said...

That's a good question to kick off this series! I just bought a Uniqlo v-neck cashmere sweater in berry-purple. It was cold out, it was 25% off, it was so soft and warm, and I simply couldn't resist. They have SO many colors, I'm tempted to buy more!

I'm curious though - how exactly does one carry off the elbow-mittens look! I love how quirky (and warm) they look, but I'm concerned I will look uh, strange in them, like the girl who woke up and forgot her entire sweater and only wore its sleeves.

Unknown said...

I bought some leather sneaker-ish shoes at J.Jill. Winter has started here in Boston and I needed a winter sneaker substitutes. It's hard to find fashionable and functional winter shoes!

Anonymous said...

To be exact the last thing I'd bought is a black day-per-page Moleskine diary, all the better to write blogging and wardrobe ideas, and of course to note down expenses + pencil in the parties each week!

In strictly wardrobe purchases I bought a furry-fronted zebra print sleeveless coat that ends mid-thigh. It went for SGD12 on the tag, but with a Deepavali discount it was SGD9.60. Thrifted from the Salvation Army store and I really didn't quite believe my ears/eyes at the price.

Ellen Wong said...

my monthly shopping spree just passed: i bought over the knee argyle socks - been meaning to get it for a long time for layering without melting in the sun; black chiffon dress with embroidery waistband; a toga cyan dress (my first cyan outfit so i am excited to see how it sits against my tan); black aldo ankle boots.

i will have 3 new tube dresses once i get them altered at the hips area. does that count haha

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your blog for quite while, but nothing like directly asking to elicit comment! My last purchase was a truly stellar haul from a lunchtime visit to a Buffalo Exchange located dangerously near my office...
Cobalt silk velvet, bias cut 30's midi-length dinner dress, homemade, with metal/silk trim at scoop neck and short sleeve; slim, black 80's knee-length sweaterdress with tabard-like, double layered overpiece; chunky knit, 50's, 3/4 bell sleeve, plum colored cardigan with portrait collar and frogging closures. All for under $60!

Anonymous said...

i had been in search of new shoes actually but ended up buying yet another winter coat. it's cute, though! also a new make-up sponge, carmex lip balm, a pot of nivea creme and kate moss' fragrance (not because it's by kate moss, really) to be exact.

ali said...

Fun idea, Ms. Spinach! It's not clothing, but I bought a big fat roll of bright red arcade-type tickets. Thought they might make cute gift tags.

Anonymous said...

Well, since you asked so nicely...The last thing I bought was a fabulous pair of black patent slingback platform shoes from Schuh. (I'd link to them if I knew how!) They do marvellous things for my little short legs and they dress up an outfit instantly. I love them!

The visual escapist said...

I bought woolen tights in brown and in grey with tiny specs of other colours. Winter is coming here in Scandinavia! From H&M, I got a lovely scarf in acquamarine and gold weave - warm and glam - and a winter coat.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun new feature Ms.Spinach! Will look forward to fridays now to see what everyone is buying. My last purchase was a new Jeanine Payer necklace (Such a splurge...but I am crazy about these)and some new red plastic classes from See Optical (think this is only in nyc). I am now banned from shopping for the rest of the month.

Anonymous said...

A little boys' blazer from Brooks Brothers. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Christina said...

Two presents for myself, just because:

An Andy Warhol by Loop NYC black-and-white striped tote with a big yellow banana on the front. I adore the handles- they're black canvas, but lined on the inside with silver leather that says, "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." and "I never met a person that I couldn't call a beauty." Sold at UO a couple of years ago for $50ish, snagged on eBay for $34.

Nike Dunks (used) from eBay for $15- dark purple and lavender. To wear with skinny jeans for a hipster-kid look.

What a fun idea! I'll be looking forward to next week's question.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday afternoon I bought Breakfast at Tiffanys on DVD, and the latest Marie Claire (Australia) with Nicole Kidman on the front. Can you tell what type of weekend I'll be having?!

Clotheswise, on Thursday I bought a beautiful black tunic dress with an embroidered yoke from Sportsgirl for AU$30- down from $90. Its a really soft, slinky jersey type material, perfect for day or night. I also bought a black waist high skirt with buttons military style down the front from Cotton On, half price to $15. Already worn it to work!

yanqin said...

Hurrah for shopping! Too bad I'm broke, but that didn't stop me from popping into Muji and buying a navy knit dress, a striped tee, and a grey short-sleeved cardigan. Muji is a great place for basics - actually not a bad replacement for Uniqlo since we don't Uniqlo here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

A great Alba Fan Club white shift dress with a little eiffel tower print, and black ruffles. Grey skinny jeans. And on Thursday I bought some black fabric, screen printed white bare trees around the hem, and made it into a cute summer dress - I'm so pleased with myself! :)

Nat said...

Heartland mall shopping bargains from Ebase at Bishan Junction 8 - A Japanese streetwear-looking rose-colored "street directory" print shirt and a layered (? had to describe) mid-calf length green cotton skirt.

The Clothes Project said...

A pleated black dress from Déjà Vu Vintage (with ruffles and gold trim at the puffy sleeves and neckline) and 80D tights in assorted colours from Isetan. Nearly bought the gold T-rex necklace from Tatty Devine (Wonderfully kitsch!) but my hand was slapped away by my shopping partner at the last minute. Damn.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a green plaid Steven Alan smock from a local boutique. PERFECT colour!

Anonymous said...

My December copy of Lucky Magazine, Jeanette Winterson's The Stone Gods & a cobalt blue L/S shirt 50% off from Osmose.

Unknown said...

scarf + bathers off the american apparel website! scarf for next winter. bathers for this summer =D

Anonymous said...

Three big clear lucite bangles, a top from American Apparel online and a killer red lipstick.

Anonymous said...

I bought a black military-style coat. I don't like the plain black buttons, so I'm gonna look for new ones tomorrow in gold or silver.

I also got a pair of high rise bell bottoms from J Brand. Not technically the last thing I bought, but I just got them in the mail.

Sharon said...

yay! I'm late but still want to play :o) I bought a high waisted pencil knit skirt from the Mizrahi collection at Target this weekend.

Anonymous said...

wallpaper issue no. 104 SHOP GLOBAL! and a low fat peppermint mocha from starbucks. instant christmas in a cup! :)

cd_mfo said...

Ooohhh! I love this post Ms. Spinach! I bought two dresses! A safari style dress from Diane Von Furstenberg (It was the last piece in my size and I just couldn't bear to let it go) and a pussy bow dress from H&M! Oh, and zebra print ballet flats from French Sole! $40, originally $225, from good 'ol TJ Maxx =)

Anonymous said...

I bought black wool high-waisted shorts from topshop for sunny winter days. Oh and a birthday card for my sister's boyfriend from paperchase!!

Miss M said...

1. vintage black leather boots (2 pairs actually)
2. too much florescent paint.

this doesnt seem right: my bank balance reflects much more more more pretty things.

Anonymous said...

A long gold necklace with a large vintage-looking heartshaped pendent. From Diva.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog.. and this feature sounds fun! (although i'm really late)

my last purchase: rocket dog boots, perfectly waterproofed for rainy seattle-

i'm kind of nervous about whether i'll be able to pull them off, but they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada!
I purchased a black winter coat from Columbia, it is truly needed here and since I am originally from Europe I am still not used to Canadian winters. Surprisingly it is practical AND looks quite decent. :)

Great blog by the way, I really enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

D&G sunnies. i lost my only pair and i needed something quick. ended up raping my credit card.

Anonymous said...

i just came back from Tokyo... amazing number of vintage shops there and i just love Uniqlo! bought a long list of stuff but here are the highlights:
1) adorably cute vintage lacoste dress in blue and white (top part is solid blue, bottom part is solid white and middle is blue and white stripes)
2) leather ferragamo belt in yellow from a 2nd-hand store, absolutely mint condition.
3) high-wasted pencil skirt in houndstooth print
4) toe-less almost-knee high socks in grey and green - very Prada but so NOT Prada price!

Anonymous said...

amazing printed free-people dress. theres a triangular gap near the neck, its beautiful!

the zee said...

it's no longer Friday, but what the hey, this is too fun to pass up! =)

- necklace with the cutest miniature vanilla-frosted cupcake with cherry jam on top, that also sports the word "CAKE"

- no-brand faded straight-leg jeans (i've been looking high and low for a pair that fit, FINALLY!!!)

- ash-grey calf-length leggings from Zara

- black mock-croc stiletto pumps from Charles & Keith (beautiful shape for a fraction of the price)

Anonymous said...

dark wash 'matchstick' jeans that were on sale at the j.crew outlet.. have never done the straight or skinny leg jean before, but these are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Today I went to my local op(thrift, whatever) shop and bought a white petticoat, a brown skirt, a huge blue dress (from the dress ups box, of course), and 2 pairs of tights - 1 bright red ribbed and 1 lacey net with a bow pattern..

.. all for the grand total of $6 =]

pics on my blog!!

Fashion Fake

Anonymous said...

very late but still...

1)a bright purple knee length swing coat with huge black buttons.

& 2) a pair of cute gray and black pumps with a 'fleur de lis' pattern. by rocket dog, £17! =)

Anonymous said...

a massive shopping spree at american apparel - a few triblend t's, thigh high socks, the bandeau pencil dress.

a cheese sandwich.

Anonymous said...

1) An adorable cream-colored top from Anthropologie for only $10!
2) Yet another pair of thick sweater-tights in charcoal grey
3) Giant hexagonal sunglasses from Target of all places... sadly, these won't get much wear until this autumn full of dreary gray days is over!

Hid said...

no need for the please, betsay. 40 comments ain't so shabby! i last went mad at the neighbourhood ikea (oops my bad, the only other ikea besides the one at alexandra is just across the road from my flat! hee.)for my 21st birthday bash last week (yay me!) and bought a nice Varde basket i used to layer my cupcakes (and now it's on my dressing table waiting to be put in its place - ideas?), candles in glass that were supposed to smell of yummy desserts but didn't (i should've banned the smoking man!) and colourful tracing paper i used all over the location - on the buffet table, in the cupcake basket... gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

white slip-ons from so fab, super comfy

pink everlast boxing gloves and black boxing wraps

polka dotted sun dress from landmark, a steal at 219 php!

and white and black short shorts to wear under dresses. :)

Jeff Y said...

Navy, velvet blazer and a pair of Italian wool, flat-front, brown trousers.

I spent way too much.

Anonymous said...

gerri: the last thing i bought was a bunch of four dresses that i spotted in a bag at the back of a thrift store. they were zara, kenzo, and another two brands i cant remember what they are.. and they were $2 each!
two dresses were a bit yellow at the UNDERARM!!!!
but i managed to clean it off with some help from my grandma and am planning to wear one of them for christmas! :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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